Valorant Agent Guide: Jett

Valorant Jett artwork
Image credit: Riot Games

Our Valorant Agent Guide will help you catch up to all the beta players who’ve been playing the game since April. We’re going to give you an overview over each agent’s abilities and how to use them.
You’ll get easily digestible guides, one agent at a time. Today we present to you: Jett.

About a month ago we published a guide for defenders and attackers for each of Valorant’s three maps:

A little before that, we gave you our Ranking of all of Valorant’s agent - an overview, which gives you an idea on which agent might suit you best. Many updates later and with the game being officially released today, it is time for a proper Valorant agent guide. We’ll give you a detailed look into each of Valorant’s 10 agents’ abilities and how & when to use them.

In the spirit of ladies first, we’re gonna start with Jett:


Valorant Agent Guide - Jett

Valorant jett title
Runs with knives and is pretty good at it: Jett. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Any of you out there that consider themselves to be the carrier - dare I say: star - of the team, Jett is for you. Jet is a playmaker and is particularly popular on pubs and pick-up play, where team communication might not always be at its best. Jett has the best movement in the game and no one moves across Valorant’s maps with more ease. She is one of the most aggressive agents in Valorant, suited for daring solo play - within reasonable boundaries. After all, Valorant is still a tactical shooter, but Jett is the closest you get to getting your Rambo on. Only more stylish, slim, female, white hair and… ah, nevermind, she’s completely different.

Jett abilities guide: Updraft & Glide

Updraft creates exactly what the ability promises: An updraft that pushes Jett up high and allows her to get on spots that other agents simply can’t get on by themselves. Amongst all the Valorant agents, Jett’s Updraft is the only dedicated upward movement ability. This gives Jett huge positional advantages on all of Valorant’s maps and allows her to be in unexpected positions and get the drop on opponents. Ideally, Updraft is combined with her ultimate Bladestorm which summons five knives: Jett can propel herself into the air with Updraft, then use her passive, Glide, to stay in air and snipe enemies from a high-ground that is exclusive to her and still allows her to accurately use her knives. Jett can also use any gun while gliding, but it takes her longer to ready her gun after using Updraft than it does to get the knives ready.
If you’re lucky enough to play on a squad with good communication, this can be game changing by itself: A gliding, knife wielding Jett in the air, supported by boots on the ground makes for one the toughest pushes in Valorant.

Also, you will jump higher if you press the ability and jump at the same time rather than one after the other - this can help you get to even more unreachable spots or give you a peeking advantage.

Jett abilities guide: Tailwind

Tailwind is Jett’s go-to ability when you want to push and make aggressive plays. An ideal use for it is whenever you want to reposition yourself, or cross choke points or long angles without peeking. Tailwind can also be used after updraft or while gliding for air-dashes: For example you can be hovering above someone and get behind them in a fire-fight. Another use is to dash through smokes to catch the enemy off guard or pass without the enemy even noticing.

Note that after every use, there is a slight delay before you can use your gun again and that after two kills in a round, the ability automatically refreshes and becomes available again.

Jett abilities guide: Cloud Burst

Jett’s smoke is the shortest of all the smoke screens in Valorant. Thus, it is mostly used for solo play rather than team pushes. The unique thing about Jett’s smokes is that you can use Cloudburst in locations that you can’t see by holding your click and moving the mouse. Blue lines will appear that show you where you’re ultimately dropping the smoke. It’s a bit difficult to get the hang off and requires solid map knowledge, but once you do, you can smoke areas without exposing yourself. Sometimes you might just want to throw a smoke as bait, to let the enemy think you’re there when you’re not.

Jett ability guide: Blade Storm

Jett’s ultimate that goes very well with her other abilities. Bladestorm summons five knives that are very accurate and do high body damage and one-shot headshot any enemy. We’ve covered this already on the other abilities, but what’s important to note here is that, on every kill, Jett gets one of her knives back. You can left-click to throw one knife or right-click to throw all remaining knives as one, for an effect that’s similar to a shotgun: Effective up close, less effective from far.

Bladestorm is best activated with the intention to play aggressively, but, as with most things, baiting and mind-play can also be effective: Let the opponent know you activated Bladestorm and make them anticipate a rush that might not be coming to make them slip up.

Jett guide: Tips & tricks

  • On the Valorant map Haven you can use Updraft to get on top of the box in the center of the B-Site. From there you can peek all of Middle - including a window for an unexpected angle.
  • Another trick on the Haven map is to jump on the boxes on Haven A-Short with Updraft or glide there from the center box. From there you will hold a dominating angle deep into A-Short.
  • Generally combine box-jumps and relocations with Cloudburst to hide movement and surprise players
  • Use Updraft to get on boxes and move from the location you last peeked from and your opponent last saw you in
  • Jett’s ultimate, Bladestorm, can not wallbang.

Check back on Thursday, when we give you a guide on Viper. Until then, EarlyGame has got you covered on all your Valorant needs.