Valorant Jett Agent Guide: Abilities, Strategies & More

Jett is one of the most iconic Agents in Valorant, and in this article, we are going to learn how to play here to win more games!

Jett Guide EG
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Jett is a Duelist Agent known for her movement tricks which can create some fancy multi-kill plays. With her trusty kunai knives and the ability to "blink" short distances, Jett is a formidable force on the battlefield that has been rocking the metagame since Valorant came out. In this article, we will have an in-depth look into her abilities and learn how to use her to shine at the top of the scoreboard; enjoy!

Valorant Jett Abilities

Drift (Passive Ability / Space)

Jett's passive ability allows her to glide through the air while failing, so whenever you jump from a high structure, you can use it to prevent taking any damage.

To activate this ability, all you need to do is hold the "Jump" key while in midair, and you will be gliding through the air like a bird.


Official Ability Description: INSTANTLY throw a projectile that expands into a brief vision-blocking cloud on impact with a surface. HOLD the ability key to curve the smoke in the direction of your crosshair.

Default KeyC
Cost200 Credits


Smoke Duration4.5 seconds

Jett's Cloudburst is just a fast smoke that you can use in multiple ways, such as quickly changing the angle in combination with other abilities or blocking the enemy's vision before rushing into the Spike Site. Unlike other smokes, you throw it instantly, so it will be an excellent ability specifically for intense gunfights and unexpected situations.


Official Ability Description: INSTANTLY propel Jett high into the air.

Default KeyQ
Cost150 Credits
Dash Distance5 meters
Duration0.6 seconds

Jett's Updraft ability is a perfect tool for escaping gunfights, reaching hard-to-access areas, or surprising enemies from above. It is worth noting that while you are in the air, you can use any ability you want, so you can also perform a double jump by using another charge of it!

Tailwind (Signature Ability)

Official Ability Description: ACTIVATE to prepare a gust of wind for a limited time. RE-USE the wind to propel Jett in the direction she is moving. If Jett is standing still, she propels forward.

Default KeyE
Windup0.75 seconds
Buff Duration12 seconds
Dash Distance10 meters
Dash Duration0.45 seconds

And here we have a famous dash ability that allows you to move quickly and outmaneuver your enemies! By clicking on your ability key (E on Default), you will have a 12-second buff. During the buff, when you press your ability key again, you will quickly dash a short distance in the direction you are facing, so you can move around the map quickly or dodge enemy fire.

Jett's Tailwind can also be used offensively, allowing you to quickly rush a specific position and catch your enemies off guard. In our opinion, this is Jett's most versatile and powerful ability, so we recommend you use it when you feel the moment is right for it.

Blade Storm (Ultimate Ability)

Official Ability Description: EQUIP a set of highly accurate throwing knives. FIRE to throw a single knife and recharge knives on a kill. ALTERNATE FIRE to throw all remaining daggers but does not recharge on a kill.

Default KeyX
Cost7 Ult Points
Damage150 (Headshot), 50 (Body), 37 (Legs)
Ammo5 Blades
Recharge Time0.5 seconds

Lastly, we have Jett's Ultimate Ability, which equips you with five highly accurate throwing knives. First of all, these knives have no recoil, so you will hit exactly where you aim, regardless of whether you are flying in the air with your Updraft.

You can throw your knives one at a time by pressing your "Fire key" (Left Mouse Button) or throw them all at once by pressing the "Alternate Fire key" (Right Mouse Button).

How To Play Jett?

Throw a Cloudburst Right After Fragging

Jett cloudburst tricks
Once Cloudburst can save your life! | © Riot Games

Although this is already a reflex for many Jett mains, as we believe that most of you are just beginning your adventure with this Agent, we have to mention it anyway. As you know, we often get "traded" after killing an opponent; suddenly, another opposing team player appears from around the corner, throws a perfect ability to counter us, and we die.

Cloudburst can serve as an excellent tool to reposition after scoring a kill, which could literally save our lives. Moreover, we can also use it in case any of our teammates frags to protect him and attack a specific angle together.

Learn To Use Operator

Operator is probably the best weapon you can use when playing Jett if you want to climb high ranks. All of Jett's ability kit compliments this weapon in various ways, most notably Tailwind, which allows us to escape quickly after scoring a frag. That said, this is the first weapon you want to practice if you are a Jett player, since many players will expect you to be the team's main sniper.

Use Your Ult To Save Credits

In some circumstances, instead of buying a weapon like Vandal or Phantom, a better option will be to use Ultimate Ability and buy Shields (which you can also do with Chamber). We recommend this tip, especially if your economy is unstable and you would not have enough Credits for your primary weapon after losing a round. This way, even if you die, your economy will revive, and you will also often be able to buy rifles for the next round.

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