How To Rank Up From Gold in Valorant?

Gold is actually a pretty good rank to have in Valorant, but it still screams "average" a little bit. And as we know that many of you want to be more than average, we prepared this guide!

How To Rank Up From Gold in Valorant?
Turn that Gold into Platinum! | © Riot Games

Being in Gold is actually a sign of some pretty good skills, don't get us wrong. After all, it puts you at least in the top 52.7% of players, which is not that bad, but it's still average. However, since you made it out of Silver, a big ELO hell, you can surely rank up from Gold as well. Here are some tips to help you do just that!

5 Tips To Rank Up From Gold in Valorant

Practice Your Lineups

Practice Lineups Gold Rank up
No lineups, no rank ups. | © Riot Games

The days when you could cast your abilities randomly are over. Once you reach the Gold rank, you will encounter many more players who not only learn lineups but also learn how to counter the most popular ones. That said, after reading this article, prepare yourself some lineups that can be useful and do it on each map. If you have a lot of time, we recommend learning one lineup a day for your main Agent, and that's how you'll master at least 30 new lineups per month!

Watch Streams (or Analyze Pro Games)

We know that many of you do not like to watch others play and prefer to play yourself (the author of this article is also such a person). However, watching other players and listening to how they explain their plays can broaden your perspective on the metagame and approach your plays more critically! Here are our picks for the 5 best Valorant streamers:

We especially recommend you follow players who main the same Agents as you do. And if you are really not into watching Twitch streams, try to stay up to date with pro games and watch as many tournaments as you can. Plus, if you really have a lot of time, then you might also want to analyze the most exciting rounds, preferably with your duo partner.

Have Your Aim Training Routine

Have Your Aim Training Routine
Pro players practice their aim every single day! | © Aimlab / TenZ

Well, as we all know, Valorant is a First-Person Shooter, so how exactly you shoot is crucial. Even if your aim now is just excellent, all you score are headshots, it might not always be the case, and it certainly won't be the case if you don't take the time to practice these skills.

It's really all about your muscle memory, and if you want to learn about good methods for training it, be sure to check out the gallery below:

Another thing we recommend is to train your aim with weapons you are not so comfortable with. Like, what's the point of playing Vandal all the time if you're doing well with it anyway? By practicing useful weapons, but ones with which you struggle, you improve your overall skill. Nowadays, you can train your aim while waiting in queue to find a match through aim trainer apps that you can find here: Top 5 Best Aim Trainers for Valorant

Stop Tilting

Learning when to stop playing is essential when it comes to climbing. If you got mad after a loss, even if you want to "make your revange", we advise you to simply let it go. It works like a snowball - one loss later turns into another, and that's how you'll end up in Silver instead of Platinum. Even if you are normally a pretty good player, playing while frustrated significantly lowers your chances of winning a match.

And it's not just about getting frustrated when it comes to the game itself! If you've had a bad day and something is stressing you out, play Deathmatch or Unrated with a friend, but we recommend that you don't take your games seriously. Just focus on having fun.

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