What's The Average Rank In Valorant?

In this article, you will learn exactly what it means to be this mythical "average Valorant player".

Silver 3 avg
Silver 3 is the most average rank to have in Valorant | © Riot Games

Many people asked about their skills in Valorant answer that they are at an "average level." But what does this mean in practice? And are all the people who say this stuff correct? After reading this article, you will never again doubt what it means to be "average" in Valorant.

Average Valorant Rank

The average rank to have in Valorant is Silver 3. By being in this rank, you are being put in the top 53.7% of all Valorant players, which means that you can almost beat a half of them. Look like this from this position - if you were put in a room with 100 other Valorant players, you would beat about 53 of them. Is this a good score? No. Is this a bad score? Also no. It's average.

While Silver 3 is the most average rank to have, we would say that the entire Silver division is kind of made for average players. Here's how the distribution looks like in this division:

Rank% of all players in this rankTop % of all players
Silver 110.5%72.3%
Silver 28.1%61.8%
Silver 37.7%53.7%

How To Improve From Silver in Valorant?

Being in the Silver division, you should have the basic fundamentals of the game mastered. In our experience, the most neglected thing at these ranks is communication, which is also one of the essential things when it comes to climbing ranks in Valorant.

We have created a video with tips on improving communication in Valorant some time ago, so if you are interested in this topic, be sure to check it out:

Another thing you should also pay attention to is a good warm up before your grinding session. Yes, we know it's boring - it's not emotional or exciting at all; it's just shooting. But hey, it gets you "in the zone" and by playing that little Deathmatch or Aim Trainer session, you are automatically better than all the players that didn't do that.

If playing Deathmatch is also boring for you, we have a pretty lengthy article on how can you make it a little more exciting and effective: How To Effectively Practice in Valorant Deathmatch