How To Effectively Practice in Valorant Deathmatch

Deathmatch is one of the better practice tools built in-game, so let's not underestimate it and learn how we can make the most out of this game mode.
Deathmatch prime vandal
5 Tips to get good! | © Riot Games

Deathmatch is the best game mode to practice your aim and reaction time in stressful situations; no one is on your side – everyone is against each other. This is a great practice and warm up tool, especially for new players, and here are some tips on how to use it effectively:

Play It Regularly

That's just the most important thing when you try to get good at anything, really. In Valorant, you need to be consistent about your practice and do it every day to keep your muscle memory and movement habits on point. Ideally, besides playing Deathmatch daily you might also want to queue up a game or two, but we understand that not everyone has time for that. Still, Deathmatch is always less than 10 minutes so even if you have a busy schedule you should find time for that.

Make It Fun

Now, we know that Deathmatch can be boring to play as there is no ranking system or anything like that, which makes it hard to keep a habit of playing it so consistent. So, try to make it fun! You can try to keep track of your results in this game mode or make a bet with your duo partner on who will score more frags in 10 Deathmatch games; your choice, there are lots of things you can go for here, but the key is to make something to make you enjoy this process of improving at the game.

One thing that I would personally recommend is using the skins that hype you up with their sounds like Champions Vandal; that repetitive Kill Sound after scoring a pentakill just makes it so satisfying.

Avoid Distractions

If you treat Deathmatch as your practice or warm-up time, you want to focus as much as possible; we would even advise you to turn off your music and completely dedicate your attention to the game. It might not be easy, especially since you have always been doing something else during a Deathmatch, but remember that this is when you learn how to move and aim better; it's more crucial than you think for becoming good.

Practice Your Weak Points

Deathmatch vandal 2
You shouldn't limit yourself to Vandal only. | © Riot Games

If you already mastered Vandal, give up playing it all the time on Deathmatch; focus on weapons you are not as consistent with. Sure, it won't make you a 1st place player in the Deathmatch game, but you are here to practice, right? You may want to practice less common weapons that you buy or pick up from time to time, such as Spectre and Bulldog. And if you are a Chamber player, you surely want to practice your headshot aim with Sheriff:

Regardless of what your weak points exactly are, focusing on them during your practice is a foundation for becoming a better Valorant player.

Avoid Taking Extra HP

In Deathmatch mode, you can pick up a full HP refill after scoring a kill... but you don't have to! In fact, sometimes it is better to play more "under pressure", with a small amount of Health Points. When we have less HP, we focus on making our aim and movement more perfect, especially when a shot to the foot can kill us, and that's the point. In a ranked game, you will not have the option to do a full HP refill in a stressful situation, so keep that in mind.

So, these were our tips for making the most out of the Deathmatch game mode in Valorant. Maybe you also have some? If so, be sure to join our Discord and share them with the EarlyGame community – if they work out, we'll consider featuring them in this article!