Bind: Tactical Map Guide, Strategies & Callouts

Bind has been in the game all the way back in Closed Beta, and since then, there hasn't been a single map that has received such praise from the community. However, because of its unique design (mainly due to the presence of portals), playing on it can be tricky. And so, here's your go-to Bind guide!

Bind map guide
Get good on Bind! | © Riot Games

Bind is the best map in the game, and no other is even close (deal with it, all you Ascent enthusiasts). It's balanced, and you can use a variety of strategies for each class. However, even though we all love this map, there is one thing no one loves – losing. And that's where we come in! We've prepared a tactical map guide for Bind, along with all the callouts to help you enjoy this awesome map even more.

Bind: Map Overview & All Callouts

Bind is a pretty unique map for Valorant, mostly because of the presence of portals that allow you to quickly rotate between Spike Sites. This alone changes the complete dynamic of the game and allows for a variety of strategies. As of now, it's the only map that uses the portal mechanic, and that's understandable because this one is really hard to balance. Still, it's a pretty fun mechanic that allows for mind games and various strategies that you wouldn't be able to execute on other maps.

However, besides the portals, Bind actually looks like a pretty standard map straight out of CS:GO, which you can even see on its mini map:

Bind Callouts Map
All Bind callouts | © Riot Games

Bind has two Spike Sites with pretty long entries with a bunch of small corners to each of them. Without the portals, this would be the most standard map you could possibly think of in an FPS game with a plant scenario. Plus, Bind has lots of great spots for snipers, which makes this map great for Agents like Jett or Chamber.

Alright, let's take a more in-depth look at both of the Spike Sites and see how they look exactly!

Bind: A Spike Site Overview & Callouts

Bind Valorant Map A Site Callouts
Bind A Site Callouts | © Riot Games

As you can see on the image above, there's basically room for any strategy on the A Site. There's a special place for a sniper player (Heaven), something for campers (Lamps), and for rushers (Showers). Plus, there are two entries to the Spike Site, which are hard to cover by just one person, which makes this map super balanced for both sides.

Attacking A Site on Bind

These two A Site entrances are the strength of playing on the Attacking Side, and you should take advantage of this as a team. Occupying one of these entrances actually gives you entry to the Site. Of course, the Defenders have an easy way to rotate within seconds, so you have to act fast on this Spike Site. The longer the action takes place, the lower your chances of controlling the Site.

That said, when attacking A Site on Bind, play super aggressively. Attack both entrances and make sure that you harmonize with your abilities as a team. Of course, it requires high-quality communication, but once you have that, taking control of the Site and planting the Spike will be a breeze.

And of course, when it comes to rushes, it is obvious that this is primarily a Duelist show. However, you will also need your Controllers to, for example, smoke Heaven and cut off the enemy sniper player from any visibility.

Defending A Site on Bind

Having a good sniper on the A Site on the Defender's side can give you a significant advantage. Luckily, the way this Spike Site is designed provides the sniper with a huge opportunity to change positions.

Bind Controllers
Controllers are crucial on Bind | © Riot Games

Plus, since the most popular strategy on this map is aggressive pushes, you might also want to have a good Controller on board to slow things down when needed and give the rest of your teammates some time to rotate. However, don't use your entire utility when defending A Site, as Attackers can easily rotate through the portal any time.

Bind: B Spike Site Overview & Callouts

The B Site works on the same principles as the A Site. We have two entrances for Attackers, a spot for a sniper player for Defenders, and a bunch of small corners:

Bind B Site Callouts
Bind B Site Callouts | © Riot Games

All these small corners make all players vulnerable to grenades and all kinds of traps. That being said, most of the time, lineups are something that wins the round on this Spike Site, which is why you might want to pick Raze as your Duelist for this map.

Attacking B Site on Bind

There are two places where you can attack B Site from – Hookah and B Long.

When attacking from Hookah, you need to check all these small corners, and that makes the entire operation super hard. That being said, you'll need to use your abilities – grenades, mollies, revelers, everything to help you get enemies out of these tiny corners and give you a chance for a frag. Plus, you also need to watch out for all the traps, as falling into one of them can lose the entire round. Yes, it's that serious; remember that Defenders can rotate between Spike Sites in a matter of seconds, so if you give them clear information that you're pushing the site, it's often just over.

Bind Hookah Attackers
Attacking through Hookah is quite a complex task | © Riot Games

And when it comes to attacking through B Long, it's a quite different story. Usually, there's just one player watching this angle, and it's often a sniper. Taking him out will usually give you an entry to the site, but taking it won't be so easy with so many corners you have to check. So, again – it all comes down to which team prepared better lineups.

Planting Inside The Container

And while we're at the topics of lineups, we want to talk about a pretty controversial matter when it comes to attacking the B Site – planting inside the Container. Most players think that this is a good strategy because you protect yourself against potential lineups, and you are usually safe that you will finish your planet. But is it an effective strategy? Well, not really.

Ppost plant bind lineup
You don't want to lose an option to throw a post plant lineup | © Riot Games

First, it blocks a potential for any post plant lineups from your side, so your enemies won't even have to play around it. Moreover, unless you are inside the Container or very close to it, you lose control over your Spike.

So, we would say that this container is actually one of the biggest traps players fall into when it comes to planting a Spike on the B Site. Right plant spot is one of the essential things you want to pay attention to when playing as Attackers, which we explained in one of our videos:

Defending B Site on Bind

As Defenders, you will have many positions that will allow you to set up a crossfire, and you want to take advantage of it. Moreover, you want to have a Sentinel player that will set up some good traps near both entrances to the Spike Site.

Having a sniper player is not as important as on the A Site; however, if you have one in the team, you might want to have him watch B Long or B Hall (watching Hookah). That being said, it's the same story as on the A Site – defend both entrances to the Spike Site like the whole game depends on it (because it might).

Cypher bind
You want to give up aggresive positions when defending the B Site| © Riot Games

In short, keep it slow. Calmly hold your angles, set up traps, crossfire, throw a molly to slow down the enemy team and communicate with your team on when they should rotate.

Bind: Tips & Tricks

And lastly, some universal tips you can use when playing Bind. This will be a little TL;DR of this guide for people that want to win more games on this map:

  • Abuse these portals. Portals are the thing that sets Bind apart from other maps, and you can really abuse their existence. Most grenades and abilities go through portals, which you can often use to your advantage. For example, throwing a Raze's Boombot through the A Site portal can not only slow the Hookah rush but also deal a lot of damage to the enemy team, which can have a round-winning effect in pistol or eco rounds.
  • Have a grenadier in the team comp. With the huge amount of small corners available on Bind, there are situations where one Kobe-like grenade or molly wins the round. Regardless of the site you're playing on, you won't have enough time to always check every corner, but you can do it with your abilities.
  • Split up with your team. Whether you're playing on the Defenders or Attackers side, you almost never want to hold the same angle with your teammates. There are so many positions to watch on Bind and you want to watch as many of them as you can. Even when attacking a Spike Site, rushing one area with your entire team is usually a bad idea, as falling into a trap or molly basically destroys your entire strategy.

And that will be it for our Bind map guide! Do you have any OP strategies you want to share with us for this map? If so, please join our Discord and go ahead; we'll be happy to see them.