Easiest Valorant Agents To Play For Each Class

Valorant is a fun game, but it can be very intense, very quickly. Don't worry, we've prepared 4 Agents for you with the lowest entry threshold to help you find your way around the game fast. This article may especially come in handy for players who previously played First-person-shooters that relied solely on having good aim skills.

Easiest Valorant Agents To Pilot For Each Class
Valorant doesn't have to be so hard | © Riot Games

If you come from other FPS games like CSGO or Call of Duty, you may have a hard time finding your way around Valorant at first. In addition to a good aim, it's also essential to skillfully pilot Agents and manage their abilities to get the most value. Luckily, we've put together 4 Agents that we think are the easiest to play and will allow you to enjoy Valorant without learning all the abilities and lineups. It's worth noting that all these Agents except KAY/O are free, which is even better for new players.

KAY/O (Initiator)

KAYO Easiest Initiator Agent
KAY/O is probably the easiest Valorant Agent to pilot | © Riot Games

KAY/O is, in our opinion, the easiest Agent available in Valorant. His signature and ultimate abilities shut down the opposing team's abilities, so you don't have to worry about dealing with a play that you don't know how to counter. KAY/O in lore is a pure killing machine, and that's what he represents in the game as well – he minimizes Valorant's rules to basically just shooting, which makes the game much more manageable for new players. Moreover, he's actually a decent Agent in the meta; maybe not top tier, but still pretty good.

Phoenix (Duelist)

Phoenix Easiest Duelist Agent
Phoenix shares many features with KAY/O | © Riot Games

Phoenix is also a pretty easy Agent to pilot, especially for CSGO players. He's perfect if you're just starting out with Valorant because he teaches you how basic abilities like flashbang, molly, and wall work. It's worth noting that unlike KAY/O, Phoenix is free, and you get him as soon as you go through the tutorial. Check out our Phoenix in-depth guide where we've covered every essential aspect about piloting him.

Sage (Sentinel)

Sage Easy
Any Mercy mains? | © Riot Games

Now something for those who came to Valorant from Overwatch, especially Mercy mains. Are you into playing support roles, being the one the rest of the team says, "heal me plz"? Well, then Sage will be your go-to. Of course, if you haven't played support before in other games, then Sage might not be so easy for you, but really the whole Sentinels class is the equivalent of a traditional support role – you know, healing, facilitating vision control, slowing down the enemy team, etc.

Brimstone (Controller)

Brimstone Easiest Controller Agent
A little more complicated with his smokes, but still a low skill cap Agent | © Riot Games

To be honest, all Controller Agents are somewhat complex to play, and Brimstone is too. But just as with Phoenix and KAY/O, Brimstone will help you learn basic abilities like smoke and molly in a very accessible way. Furthermore, we have content that can help you find your way around him, so if you are interested in starting your Valorant adventure with this particular Agent, be sure to check out these videos: