6 Sova Shock Dart Lineups To Dominate On Ascent

Picking Sova on Ascent is a match made in heaven. Ascents' open layout allows for many creative shock dart angles that can disrupt the enemy team by stopping plants and defuses on both sites. These lineups will be your guide to pushing the enemy back and stealing a couple of kills along the way.

Sova Ascent Shock dart Ingame
Learn how your Sova pick can dominate on Ascent. | © Riot Games

Sova and Ascent go together like peanut butter and jelly. It's a simple and open map that gives Sova the room to create some insane angles with his shock darts. Whether it's carpet-bombing the enemy from above or assassinating a lone enemy from what seems like out of nowhere, Sova has got you covered. To show you what we are talking about, we will guide you through the best Sova Ascent shock dart lineups, and how they will save your Ascent games.

A Site Lineups Ascent

These shock-dart lineups are all about playing around a default plant on A site. Use Sova's Shock bolt as a recon tool to scout out the default plant, but also as a potential plant and defuse denial tool. You will gather vital intel for your team, giving you an iron grip on A site.


Heaven Stairs To A Site Plant

This is a great Ascent lineup for checking and preventing a default plant on A site. When rotating from B site, move up Heaven stairs and place Sova in the corner at the top of the stairs next to the scaffolding. Use the top of the scaffolding above to find a cloud spilling over the upper line of the scaffolding. Aim at the tip of this cloud, then fire at base power with no bounces at the middle point of the cloud.

The shock bolt will land at the far edge of the generator, preventing a plant behind it. Fire again to take out the carrier. This shock bolt lineup will let you know if the enemy is default planting on A site, and will take out the spike carrier disrupting the enemy push, allowing for teammates to rotate around to flank.


A Lobby To A site Plant

This lineup mirrors the defense A site plant lineup, preventing the enemy from defusing a successful default plant. Move into A lobby and place Sova at the back of the boxes. Look up at the middle of the wall going into A main long, then find the red line created by the rift in the sky. Follow the line to the edge of the cloud opposite and fire the shock dart at base power with no bounce.

Follow this up by aiming at the middle of the same line, then jump and fire at base power with no bounce to kill the defuser. This is an excellent lineup that will grant you precious time by delaying the A site defuse, applying crucial pressure onto the defending team.

B Site Lineups Ascent

The B site lineups are all about dealing with a strong enemy hold of the B site and stopping a B site rush. For these lineups you will be using several bounces and long angels, disrupting a plant behind B site Tetris, and shredding an early tunnel push. The name of the game here is using the Shock dart for pure damage dealing and stealing a cheeky kill, to demoralize the enemy team.


T Spawn Boxes To B Site Plant

This lineup will shred through enemies default planting on B site, giving the team crucial time to recover the site. Move to B site from T spawn and place Sova in the corner of the boxes before B main. Follow the line of the far wall to the site and aim near the middle of the lamp nearby.

Fire the shock bolt twice with two bounces and two charges to kill the enemy planting behind Tetris on B site. This lineup will be your tool in taking back B site in a pinch by slowing down the plant and reversing the pressure onto the enemy.


B Lobby To B Stairs

This lineup is a little tricky to set up, but will strengthen a B site push by getting rid of enemies holding tunnels from B stairs. Place Sova in front of the mossy spot by the grate in the middle of B lobby. Aim straight forward then aim up until your drone icon meets the line created by the roof of the tunnel.

Fire the shock dart with no bounces at two and a quarter energy, then fire again to kill anyone at stairs. This lineup sets up for a stronger B site push, by pushing the enemy off B stairs and weakening the defenses hold over the site.

Alternative Middle Lineups Ascent

These lineups are a hybrid of A site and B site plays, focusing on Ascent mid to catch out both defense and attack players pushing through mid. These lineups are much riskier and can result in you wasting your arrows on a guess. But, when done successfully, they will let you grab an important early kill to better control how your enemy chooses to push.


B site to Top mid

This is a spicy lineup that will allow you to catch off-guard enemies pushing top mid early. Place Sova in the back corner of B main, then follow the right side of the clock tower up until your crosshairs are on the edge of the upper lighter colored cloud.

Fire the shock bolt at max power, then shift your crosshairs to a lower cloud line near the top of the clock tower and fire the shock bolt at two energy. This lineup will halt a mid push in its tracks by stealing an early kill and help your team funnel the enemy team into one of the sites.


B Lobby to A Link

This is a situational and difficult lineup, but will pay off by shredding aggressive defense players pushing mid from A site. Place Sova at the edge of the wall of B lobby, then aim at the middle of the brown edge under the turquoise banner. Fire your shock dart with two bounces at max power, then fire again for a kill shot. This lineup will defend your team from strong aggressive defense players, defending your team from an early engagement and allowing them to focus on their chosen site.

Ascent's open environment and vertical space is a perfect playground for Sova and his shock dart. By using the vertical space and the longer, more open angles, Sova becomes a force to be reckoned with, able to rain down fire from above or ambush a pushing enemy from behind cover. With a little practice, these lineups take no time to set up and can become the play that saves your team from a loss.