Valorant Agent Guide: Brimstone

Image credit: Riot Games

Our Valorant Agent Guide will help you catch up to all the beta players who’ve been playing the game since April. We’re going to give you an overview of each agent’s abilities and how to use them. You’ll get easily digestible guides, one agent at a time. Today we present to you the most tactically oriented agent – Brimstone.

Valorant has been out for over a month now and the game already received a couple of patches. The latter nerfed popular picks like Sage and continued to adjust a big portion of the maps. Brimstone hasn’t been changed since the official release of the game on June 2 and he’s still just as good as he was before.

The agent hailing from the USA has a lot of tools at his disposal which makes him a valuable asset for every team composition. Brimstone combines multiple clouds of smoke, a molotov, a stim buff, and a massive nuke all of which allow him to excel in both defense and offense.

Brimstone Abilities Guide: Stim Beacon

Brimstone’s first basic ability is Stim Beacon (default C). It allows him to drop a Stim Beacon in front of him which can buff both Brimstone and his teammates. Any teammate walking upon the zone of the ability will receive the RapidFire buff. The latter grants:

  • 10% increased rate of fire
  • 10% faster reload
  • 10% faster weapon swap
  • 10% recoil spread recovery

While 10% might not seem like a lot, it can be the difference between getting killed and getting a kill. Stim Beacon lasts for a total of 12 seconds, while the buff lingers for a couple of seconds when exiting the zone. You have a limit of two Stim Beacons per round and they can definitely turn the tide of a round so use them wisely.

Brimstone Abilities Guide: Incendiary

Brimstone’s second basic ability is Incendiary (default Q). Upon using it, Brimstone will equip a grenade launcher and fire a projectile that leaves the ground burning. It’s basically the Molotov many of us know in other shooters like CS:GO. The Molly won’t detonate until it hits the ground, so you can do some sick wall ricochets and land it right where your enemy doesn’t want it. The flames deal 20 damage per second and last for a total of 8.3 seconds. In theory, it could inflict a lot of damage, but more often you’d use it to flush out an enemy camping in a corner. Sadly it’s limited to a single use per round.

Brimstone Abilities Guide: Sky Smoke

Brimstone’s signature ability is Sky Smoke (default E). It’s basically what the agent is most known for since it can provide massive crowd control. It allows him to cover a big portion of the map and put smokes in up to three locations. Upon using Sky Smoke, Brimstone will open up a tactical map (which is quite huge) and select where the smokes will be dropped. There’s a limit of three smokes per round, so choosing whether to drop them all at once or one by one, as the round goes, is entirely up to you. Furthermore, you can still move around while the map is up, so feel free to take your time while picking the perfect smoke locations.

Unlike other signature abilities, sometimes Brimstone actually has to spend credits in order to get full charges on Sky Smoke. He only gets one free charge per round and the player can decide whether they’ll need to invest in the ability. The smoke grenades are quite efficient as it’s almost impossible to see through them and they’re not hollow on the inside like Omen’s.

Brimstone Abilities Guide: Orbital Strike

Brimstone’s ultimate ability is Orbital Strike (default X). Upon activation, Brimstone will bring up a tactical map (the map is bigger than Sky Smoke’s) and select an area. The desired location will then experience the full might of a massive laser airstrike, inflicting damage to anyone caught in its range.

It deals 38 damage per second and will only take a few seconds to take down a fully armored target. Orbital Strike has a warning period of 2 seconds during which enemies have time to react and walk away. While that might be more than enough in most cases, sometimes you’ll be able to trap enemies making it impossible for them to escape.

Brimstone Strategy Guide

As we’ve mentioned earlier Brimstone is often described as the one-man army. He has smokes, he has buffs, he has a Molly, he has an orbital strike. What’s not to like? An experienced Brimstone who knows the map can be an irreplaceable teammate. When you’re playing Brimstone your main focus should be to provide cover and make things uncomfortable for the enemy team. The agent excels at control and it’s no wonder he’s considered one of the best picks.

Brimstone Tips

  • Stim Beacon works through line of sight so you can use it before going around a corner and enjoy the buff.
  • Use Sky Smoke to entirely block the enemy line of sight even if means using all three clouds of smoke.
  • Orbital Strike is an excellent tool around bomb sites, use it to prevent the spike plant or defuse if you’re around and hear the sound.
  • Sky Smoke can be used to fool the enemy you’re advancing on a location, and instead go to a completely different site.
  • Stim Beacon can also be utilized to bait opponents into thinking you’re about to show up. Considering you have two charges don’t be afraid to use it and play mind tricks on enemies.
  • Steam Beacon CANNOT be destroyed, so don’t shoot if you see an enemy Brimstone deploying one. You’ll simply be giving away your position.
  • Sky Smoke has a 3-second delay before activating, so make sure it’s actually deployed before showing up.

This concludes our short guide of the American agent. We hope you found it useful and wish you many well-placed grenades.

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