Can You Play Valorant With Controller?

Valorant Controller Image
Can an Xbox controller replace the keyboard in Valorant? | © Riot Games

Have you ever wondered if it's possible to play Valorant on a controller, and if so, can you gain any advantage that way? Today, we'll take a closer look at this matter.

As we all know, Valorant is currently only available on PC and is primarily optimized for mouse and keyboard play. And while this may change soon (read more here), for now, a gaming pad is not likely to be the gear we pick up before our Valorant session. However, what can we gain when we decide to swap the classic mouse and keyboard setup for a controller?

Can You Play Valorant On Controller?

Technically, yes, you can play Valorant on controller. However, this is not the most optimal option. A controller will never match the precision of a keyboard and mouse setup, and although all movements will seem smooth, it won't give you any advantage when it comes to the gameplay itself.

Valorant is a game of detail and precision. Our enemies are constantly moving, and we have to follow them while controlling the recoil of the weapons we use. Moreover, there are Agent abilities, which often require proper setup. All that will always be easier with keyboard and mouse, and even when Valorant comes out on consoles, we'd expect a separate ranking system for the PC and console platforms.

How To Play Valorant On Controller?

This issue is more complicated than it may seem. Some software programs that allow you to play Valorant on a controller are incompatible with the Riot Vanguard Anti Cheat. That said, we won't be recommending anything that could cause you problems. However, there is one legit software that you can use to play Valorant on a controller, and it's called reWASD.

Legit software to play Valorant on a controller | © reWASD

Not only is it compatible with Riot Vanguard, but it also has over 250 preset configs for Valorant to make the binding process effortless. Moreover, it also offers configs for less common game controllers such as GameCube, Switch Pro, PS3 Navigation, and more. You can purchase the reWASD app for $6 or go for a 14-day free trial.

Best Valorant Agent to Play on a Controller

Jett Valorant
Jett, your "controller" Agent | © Valorant

The best Agent to play on a controller with will not be a Controller (Editor: I see what you did here), but a Duelist — specifically Jett. Her Agent abilities improve the movement aspect, which is by default much worse than when playing with a mouse and keyboard. However, she is a reasonably aggressive Agent, and the gamepad somewhat forces us to play defensively, so if you're planning to play Valorant on a controller, the weapons you will want to use are:

  • Sniper rifles (Marshal/Operator)
  • Shotguns (Bucky/Judge)
  • Sheriff as your primary sidearm

Will you be winning games this way? Probably not, but if, for example, you made a bet with your friend that you'll win a ranked match in Valorant using only an Xbox controller, this strategy will give you the best chance of any success.

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