Valorant Agent Jett: Tips & Tricks You Have To Know

Whenever you try to learn a Valorant agent like Jett, you'll always get stuck somewhere along the process. That's when you'll need the best Valorant Jett tips and tricks you can get!

Valorant Jett Tips and Tricks
Dash and slash with these Jett tips and tricks in Valorant! | © Riot Games

Jett is one of the best Duelist agents in Valorant, being flexible enough to universally adapt to any map. If you're trying to learn her, but need a little push to master Jett, then you've come to the right place. Here we'll check out the best Valorant Jett tips and tricks!

Valorant Agent Jett: Cloudburst Ability Trick – Curve the Smoke and Minimap

Some players often forget that when they use a Jett smoke, they only throw it forwards. Well, there's actually a way you can curve and position Jett's smoke. When you throw Jett's Cloudburst, continue holding the ability button. Then while the smoke's in the air, curve it with your mouse around to place it at angles and openings.

Valorant Jett Smoke Cloud Burst Tips and Tricks
Curve that Jett smoke! | © Riot Games

You can also see in what area the Jett Cloudburst has covered on the minimap. So combine this curve trick and see where it lands on the minimap, and you'll essentially learn to place better smokes even than Controller agents!

Jett Updraft Ability Tip: Use High Places and Boxes

A lot of times, the enemies have pre-placed their crosshairs to perfectly aim at players located in usual camping locations around the map. You can use this to your advantage and climb to high places and boxes with Jett's Updraft. While they sway their aim upwards to you, you'll have already defeated them!

Valorant Jett Updraft Tips and Tricks
Get high on some boxes with Jett's Updraft! | © Riot Games

Keep in mind that if you overuse this Jett tip, then the enemies will know what you're doing and start aiming at you. And remember that while you're in the air, your aim with normal weapons is inaccurate, so don't Updraft right into the enemies' faces. But if you use this tip once in a while and correctly, then you'll be able to score easy kills with the best Vandal skins!

Jett Tailwind Ability Trick: Keep Track of Time

A while back Jett's Tailwind Dash got nerfed with a timer. So players had to adapt to the timer, often activating it and using it as quickly as possible. But after a while, you'll forget about the timer, which will disable your Dash even though you still think you have it! So either utilize the Jett Dash ability quickly in serious peek-and-shoot situations or watch over the timer closely.

Valorant Jett Dash Tailwind Tips and Tricks
Watch and follow that timer closely! | © Riot Games

Even if the Jett Tailwind Dash has a timer, she's still pretty overpowered with the Operator. If you simply know where an enemy is located, activating the Dash beforehand for a quick peek is a viable option.

Jett Ultimate Ability Blade Storm Tip: Combine with Updraft

Last but not least we have a tip about Jett's ultimate ability, Blade Storm. Like Neon's ultimate, Jett's Blade Storm doesn't suffer from inaccuracy. So if you move or fly high, you'll still be accurate in hitting the blades. That's why you should combine Blade Storm with Updraft so you can accurately kill enemies from the sky. Another extra tip: you can hold to shoot Jett's knives instead of hitting each one individually!

Valorant Jett Blade Storm Knives Tips and Tricks
Use Blade Storm and Updraft high in the sky, you'll be accurate! | © Riot Games

And that's it for the best Jett tips and tricks in Valorant. You should keep these in mind, practice them in gameplay and you'll get better at playing Jett instantly. If you're gonna use these tips and tricks, let us know about your progress on our Discord server!