5 Valorant Neon Tips & Tricks You Have to Know

Valorant's newest agent's release has caught everyone's attention in the game. With players trying to find their way with the agent, we will take a look at Neon's skills and abilities to make you better than any other Neon main!

Valorant Neon
Our newest Valorant agent and favorite gal! | © Riot Games

When it comes to Riot Games' tactical shooter Valorant, the game has boomed in popularity. Since its release, new episodes and acts have come out with new maps, features, and agents. The latest agent release is Neon in Episode 4, Act 1, moving in at flashy speeds! Players have started going forwards to mastering Neon's skills, and you may be one of them too. That is why we will take a look at some abilities tips & tricks for the Valorant agent Neon, so you can climb the ladder rank faster!

Neon Slide Trick: Double Slide

The first trick we're going to take a look at is for Neon's main ability, the Slide. This probably has to be one of the best Valorant abilities out there, since it's so fun to use! Though you are granted one slide, there is a way to make it a double slide.

To use this trick, you need to have your ultimate ready. This is because when you use your slide once and activate the Neon ult, you will be able to slide again! So when you are rushing from the attacker's side, you can infiltrate their defenses much quicker and make the enemy a bit more confused with this super slide. This can help you do missions faster and help you gain XP for the Battle Pass.

Valorant Neon Abilities Skills Slide
Valorant Agent Neon Slide | © Doha Roots

Neon Stun Trick: Through the Walls

What many players often do when playing Neon is use her stun with a double bounce. Yeah, you will be getting an extra stun, but that comes with the cost of precision. So if you are going towards mastering Neon's skills, you should first practice the stun with 1 bounce.

Not only does this ability tip help you be more precise, especially if you're a beginner, but it also adds the bonus of stunning through walls! For example, if you know the enemy is camping behind a wall, you can throw your stun ability on the wall which will thenstun the enemy behind it.

Valorant Neon Stun Through Wall 16 9
Valorant Agent Neon Stun | © DrZora

Neon Walls Trick: Aim Higher

When talking about Neon's abilities, we have to take a look at her C ability, the flame walls. They work similarly to Phoenix's flame wall, except you get double the flame! But when it comes to Neon's abilities, many people aim and cast these walls below. This can make the walls incomplete, thus ruining your attack or defense strategy. That is why with these flame walls, you should aim to cast this ability higher. You should practice doing this ability trick, so you won't mess up making your walls smaller.

Valorant Neon Ability Walls Trick
Valorant Agent Neon Walls | © 1tapvalorant

Neon Ult Tip: Aim And Shoot The Bodies

Neon's ultimate ability is nothing like we've seen before. A laser taking down enemies with ease can prove excellent, especially combined with other Neon skills. What many players who are used to Vandal or Phantom headshots forget with Neon's ultimate is that it deals the exact same damage everywhere. So when you combine Neon's ult with the double slide trick above, you should aim at the body instead of the head to guarantee the damage and kill. From the arsenal of abilities tips of the Valorant agent Neon, this tip will save you a lot of headaches!

Valorant Neon Ability Ultimate Overdrive
Valorant Agent Neon Ultimate | © Riot Games

Neon Slide Tip: Focus On Main Weapon

Last but not least has to be one of the most important ones. This especially applies to hyperactive players who switch between weapons rapidly for a hobby. When you play Neon, you should keep your main weapon in hand. This is because of the slide ability. If you use your slide ability, your main weapon will be the previous one you had in your hand. For example, if you've had your knife out before using your slide, when you finish the slide close up to the enemies, you will be instantly killed before you try to switch to your Phantom.

There are many Neon Skills abilities tips & tricks, but these are the main ones you should keep track of to improve your Neon gameplay. The only way to master these practices is on the battleground, so open up the Valorant game and start top fragging!