How to Choose Between the Phantom vs the Vandal: Pros and Cons

Valorant riffle
Image credit: Riot Games

The Phantom and the Vandal are two primary weapons and the two most used rifles in Valorant. There is no secret that the Phantom has been a lot better than the Vandal before the Valorant 1.07 patch. Despite the Vandal buff, a lot of players still prefer the Phantom. On the other hand, many others think the Vandal is much better now. Who's right? Well, it depends. It depends on what type of player you are. Why is that? Keep reading to find out which weapon's the best for you.


Valorant Phantom
Valorant Phantom (Image credit: Riot Games)

Phantom Stats:

  • Cost: 2,900
  • Primary Fire:
    • Automatic
    • Fire Rate: 11 rounds/sec
  • Alt Fire:
    • Zoom: 1.25x
    • Fire Rate: 9.9 rounds/sec

Phantom Features:

  • Silenced
  • Magazine Capacity: 30
  • Wall Penetration: Medium
Valorant phantom damage stats table b
Valorant Phantom Damage Stats (Image credit: EarlyGame)

The Phantom is a primary choice of weapon for most professional gamers. This rifle has a lot of advantages. It holds 30 bullets in its mag which makes it ideal for spraying. The spray pattern is relatively easy to control and transfer. On top of that, the Phantom has a silencer, and your opponents won't hear where you are shooting from. This is a great feature because a lot of Valorant agents have smokes and smokes are almost always present. Randomly shooting through smoke with the Phantom won’t reveal your position and you might get a free kill.

Even though the Phantom looks better on paper, there is one major flow this weapon has. It can’t one-shot opponents at long distances. If you opponent has Heavy Armor, a headshot from 30m to 50m will deal him 124 damage which isn’t enough to kill him. A headshot from 15m to 30m will deal 140 damage which still isn’t enough to get that one-shot kill. In other words, this weapon is only good for short distance fights if you intend to rush or hold tight angles.


Valorant vandal
Valorant Vandal (Image credit: Riot Games)

Vandal Stats:

  • Cost: 2,900
  • Primary Fire:
    • Automatic
    • Fire Rate: 9.75 rounds/sec
  • Alt Fire:
    • Zoom: 1.25x
    • Fire Rate: 8.755 rounds/sec

Vandal Features:

  • Magazine Capacity: 25
  • Wall Penetration: Medium
Valorant vandal damage stats table
Valorant Vandal Damage Stats (Image credit: EarlyGame)

At 2,900 the Vandal costs exactly the same as the Phantom. This weapon is hard to master, its spray control is hard and spray transfers are almost impossible to pull off. In addition to that, it has only 25 bullets in the mag, so you need to be careful while spraying. However, once you master it, you will be a beast, but it requires a lot of training. The Vandal has no silencer, and your enemies will know exactly where you are. This rifle is best to use in long-distance fights because a headshot is always a kill. A headshot with the Vandal deals 156 damage at any distance and if you know how to aim for the head, you will always prevail in the battle. If you like aggressive peeking and you have mastered the tapping technique, you should definitely choose the Vandal. When it comes to tapping, it is just like the Guardian but with the ability to use spray as well.

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