3 Tips On How To Level Up a Valorant Battle Pass Faster

Valorant Act Rewards
Save some time and get even more Valorant Act rewards | © Riot Games

We all know how beautiful Valorant Act skins can be. However, in order to get the most spectacular ones, you always need to do a little bit of grinding. Let's make this grind a little shorter!

We live in a world where everyone is busy. In that same world, Riot is adding more and more beautiful Act skins to the game. As the statistics show, to complete the entire Valorant Battle Pass, we would have to play about 21 hours a week for 2 months and earn over 1 million XP. That's some commitment! So, how do you get the most Valorant Act cosmetics in the shortest amount of time? Here are 3 tips to help you do just that!

Complete All Daily and Weekly Missions

If your main goal is to level up a Battle Pass, you cannot skip Daily and Weekly missions. These will be your main source of XP, so make your gameplay as focused on completing them as possible. Just doing daily missions can give you 4000 XP per day! It is impressive when you add that you can do most of them in a single match. Weekly missions are just as important, especially since you are rewarded with slightly more XP each week than the previous week. That being said, this is an absolute must and cannot be ignored, and the less time you have to play, the more you should focus on it.

Play Unrated

Judge Valorant
Polyfox Judge — one of the nicest Valorant Battle Pass skins ever | © Riot Games

The best game mode for leveling Battle Pass in Valorant is Unrated. Why? Because regardless of the outcome of the game, you will gain about 6500 XP per hour. If you combine this with completing all Daily and Weekly missions, you will be able to complete the entire Act in about 100 hours (or even less).

Actually, Spike Rush will give you similar results (about 6000 XP per hour), but you will not be able to complete a large portion of your missions in this game mode, which makes it much worse by default.

Plan Your Game Sessions

This is more of a time management tip, but it should work for the busiest Valorant players out there. We realize that some of you probably don't even expect to complete the entire Battle Pass. Knowing that you might earn about 6000 XP per hour playing only Unrated, plan your sessions so that you can get your desired Battle Pass cosmetic. Try to calculate how much time you will need with "1 hour = 6500 XP" in the back of your head, and put your game sessions in your daily schedule. For some people, 1 hour a day will be enough; for others, it might be more, but it is worth having it planned to ensure that you don't miss a chance of getting an exclusive weapon skin.

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