Valorant Agent Raze: Tips & Tricks You Have To Know

Whenever you practice learning any Valorant agent, like Raze, you'll start to mess up some abilities in gameplay. So knowing some tips and tricks about Raze and her abilities can help you out!

Valorant Raze Tips and Tricks
Valorant: Throw bombs and shoot rockets with the next Raze tips and tricks! | © Riot Games

When it comes to playing beginner agents, Raze is one of them. The thing about Raze though is the fact that she's easy to learn, but hard to master. Mastering Raze might take some quality tips and tricks you'll need to keep in mind. That's why here we'll check out the best Raze tips and tricks in Valorant!

Raze Boom Bot Trick: Utilize in Valorant Eco Rounds

The first Raze trick we'll see is regarding her deadly Boom Bot ability. Everyone knows Raze's Boom Bot is used to clear corners and angles from where enemies might be located. But what players often forget is that the Boom Bot has 100 HP.

Now when enemies spot it with their Vandals or Phantoms, it may sway their aim to destroy it, but it's easily doable. On the other hand, when they have bad pistol weapons, it's much harder to destroy the Boom Bot ability. And when does everyone have bad weapons to destroy a Raze Boom Bot in a Valorant match? That's right - it's in eco rounds!

Valorant Raze Tips and Tricks Boom Bot Ability
Boom Bot latches onto an enemy with a pistol, and you win! | © Riot Games, Screencapture

When you utilize eco rounds in Valorant with Raze's Boom Bot to clear angles, it will be hard for enemy players to destroy it while you're on their tail as well. So make sure to utilize Raze's Boom Bot in eco rounds for easy kills!

Raze Blast Pack Tip: Climb to Boxes and Higher Ground

The Raze satchel Blast Packs are most often used to boost themselves to go faster somewhere else. Though they don't have to always be used to boost yourself forwards, you can use Raze's satchel ability to boost to higher grounds. The enemies, as well as yourself, always aim at normal ground locations. So being on top of some boxes and higher grounds is unexpected, giving you a higher chance to defeat the enemies peeking at you.

Valorant Raze Tips and Tricks Blast Pack Ability
Get to higher grounds with Blast Packs for easy kills! | © Riot Games, Screencapture

This tip about Raze can both be used for attacking and defending. All you have to do is find those high grounds and boxes on which you can jump on across Valorant's maps. You can see one box on Ascent's mid above!

Raze Paint Shells Trick: Clear Important Angles to Push

You don't always have to throw Raze's grenade just to get a kill. The Raze Paint Shells grenade ability deals damage, and the enemies are aware of that. So when they see it, they naturally run away from it. You can use this to your advantage to use Raze's Paint Shells grenade to clear angles and openings.

Valorant Raze Tips and Tricks Grenade Paint Shells Ability
Clear angles with Raze's grenade! | © Riot Games, Screencapture

We'll take another example on Ascent from above. When you're attacking, you can throw a grenade at Mid-Market, as there are enemies located there most of the time. This will make the enemies run away from there, giving you a short time to defeat other enemy players and enter the site. Use these kinds of locations with the grenade on all Valorant maps.

Raze Ultimate Ability Showstopper Tip: Get Initiator Info

Last but not least we have a tip about the ultimate ability of Raze's rocket launcher Showstopper. To use it, you must know the general location of some enemies you're trying to defeat. So getting that info from Initiator agents can help out tremendously. You'll know where the enemy is located, so you can use Raze's rocket launcher early and score kills. If you don't have that info, you'll just be left with a useless Showstopper in your hand which can't do anything!

Valorant Raze Tips and Tricks Rocket Launcher Showstopper
Get enemy info, then use Raze's rocket launcher! | © Riot Games, Screencapture

That's the end of the best Valorant Raze tips and tricks! Is your plan to start using these to win more games and climb up to higher ranks? Make sure you visit our Discord server and let us know how these tips and tricks helped you out!

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