Valorant Sova Tips & Tricks You Have to Know

Sova's abilities have shattered how the enemies position themselves to not get caught by his arrows. Knowing how to use those arrows to their full extent requires some Sova tips and tricks!

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It doesn't hurt knowing some Sova tips and tricks in Valorant! | © Riot Games

Most of the Initiator agents' abilities revolve around initiating fights with flashes based on information. Sova's a bit different though, as his arrow abilities mostly get information about the enemies' position.

That's why Sova is one of the best agents currently in Valorant, and if you've wanted to pick him up, you've come to the right place. Here, we'll check out the best Sova tips and tricks in Valorant!

Sova Owl Drone Tips: Use CTRL and Clear Camping Spots

A lot of players control Sova's drone with their computer mice. But going upwards and especially downwards can be really hard that way. So, what you should do, is use Space to go upwards and CTRL to go downwards. This way you won't sway your aim below from the enemy, making it much easier to shoot and track enemies with your best Vandal skins.

Valorant Sova Drone Tip
Go below with CTRL using Sova's drone! | © Riot Games

Another tip you should follow using Sova's Owl Drone is to always clear camping spots. Don't just fly your drone to check for enemies on-site. Sway your aim left and right around corners and see if anyone's camping. Then it'll be easy to defeat them as they must reposition.

Val Sova Drone Corners Tips
Check your corners! | © Riot Games

These Sova Owl Drone tips are basic gameplay knowledge but are often overlooked. Controlling your drone and vulnerable corners are important aspects, especially in lower ranks. So keep these in mind and practice them in-game while you're playing with the best knife skins!

Sova Shock Dart Tricks: Use Lineups and Aim High Above Spike

Sova's Shock Dart has been one of the hardest abilities to master. But with these Sova tricks, you'll understand the Shock Darts much better. First thing first, start learning Sova Shock Dart lineups. It's best you make your own lineups in custom games, or you could learn them from AverageJonas below!

If you're tired of lineups but still want to do sick Shock Dart outplays, you can aim high above the spike and shoot your darts when you're attacking. When enemies try to defuse the spike, later on, they'll be hit by your darts which will defeat them making the spike detonate causing your win.

Sova Shock Dart Val Trick Planting Spot
Don't let the enemies defuse the spike! | © Riot Games

Simply aiming the Shock Darts down narrow corridors makes it much easier for the enemy team to defeat you. But lineups and trick shots are where the specialty lies within this ability. So use Sova's Shock Dart ability wisely alongside the Vandal or Phantom!

Sova Recon Bolt Tips: Lineups and Bounce

Like the Shock Dart, you can also learn lineups with Sova's Recon Bolt. You can learn them online or create them yourself in a custom game as Recon Bolt lineups aren't as hard to master as Shock Darts. Because of that, you can create lineups by yourself on the go. And the best way to do that is by bouncing the Recon Bolt. Just keep Sova's big nerf in mind while learning lineups!

You can calculate the overall place where your Recon Bolt will land by knowing the angles and corridors' walls or checking the minimap. With 1 bounce, the Recon Bolt will position itself opposite of the wall you were aiming for. With 2 bounces, you can aim to insert the Recon Bolt into a faraway hidden door or corridor.

Valorant Sova Recon Bolt Bounce Trick
Bounce your Recon Bolt for better enemy detection with Sova! | © Riot Games

You can also create Recon Bolt lineups in custom games with bounces, but that's up to you. Now you know how to utilize this Sova ability with 1 and 2 bounces efficiently, especially from far away places. Combine that with some Sova Ascent Shock Darts, and you're good to go!

Sova Ultimate Ability Trick: High Jumps

The last Sova trick we'll check out is with his ultimate ability Hunter's Fury. In most normal cases, you'll use it to defeat enemies hidden behind walls. But did you know that while Sova's ultimate is active, you can jump really high? Not only that, but if you jump and shoot the ult directly below you, Sova can go even higher! Use this to climb on high objects around the maps to play off-angles.

Valorant Sova Ultimate High Jump Trick 2
Fly high with Sova's ultimate! | © Riot Games

With this trick, you'll know the best Valorant Sova tips and tricks. Practice and remember them all the time while you're in the game. And if you make some awesome clips, join our Discord server and share your Sova experiences!