Sova Is Getting Some Big Nerfs For Patch 4.08

Sova is getting some pretty fat nerfs with the upcoming Patch 4.08. Will he disappear from the meta after dominating it for so long?

Sova Fade
Will Fade now be your go-to Initiator? | © Riot Games

Sova has been in the meta since the Closed Beta (them rhymes), and although the skill cap of this Agent is relatively high, which compensates for his power level, his time has finally come. The well-known and liked Russian Initiator joins the club of Agents that are getting nerfed in Patch 4.08. Let's get into the details!

Sova Patch 4.08 Nerfs

All the upcoming Sova nerfs have been posted by Enzo "Fearoth" Mestari from Team Alliance:

So, as you can see, these are actually some considerable changes. Scoring a kill using a good Shock Dart lineup will now be much harder than it was before, and the Drone is just not as good anymore, especially if you compare it to Fade's utility. We feel like these changes make Sova lose to other Initiators in almost every case in terms of power level in the current metagame.

Moreover, Sova often needs some support from his teammates to achieve his full potential, and agents like Fade or KAY/O seem to have a better chance of doing well despite unhelpful teammates.

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