OpTic Are The VCT Reykjavik Champions!

This tournament showed us one thing for sure – there is no region we can underestimate. And even though the tournament favorite won it, we feel that Stage 2 will continue to bring us even more surprises.

Opticcc win

During the Valorant Champions, NA and Brazil were the two regions that the community pointed fingers at for unsatisfactory performance. Today, these two regions faced off against each other in the Grand Finals of the first VCT major. Moreover, during Champions, we saw 5 total maps in the Grand Finals, and here it all ended with a clean sweep by OpTic.

OpTic's Revenge

OpTic had already played against LOUD in the Upper Bracket Finals, but they lost by a score of 1:2. But honestly, we think that the American team just waited with tactics for the Grand Finals.

Those were some really close games, but all these strategies by OpTic were the key to winning this. Still, that's the way it is at the highest level of Valorant; when everyone represents top-notch aim skills, your win conditions are teamplay and tactics.

OpTic GamingLOUD
First half102
Second half139
First half84
Second half1412
First half84
Second half1513

By winning this tournament, OpTic Gaming earns $200,000 and 750 VCT Circuit Points, which throws them one foot into the World Championships. Interestingly, even though LOUD lost the Grand Finals, no Brazilian team was even close to what they accomplished during Stage 1, which probably also guarantees them a slot at Worlds.