TenZ Settles The Valorant Phantom vs Vandal Debate

TenZ Settles the Valorant Phantom vs Vandal Debate Once and for All
Does TenZ have the answer? | © Riot Games/Sentinels

Ever since the release of Valorant, players have been trying to determine the better weapon between the Vandal and the Phantom. TenZ might finally have the answer!

The number of weapons in Valorant hasn't changed for over a year, but discussions regarding the best weapons are still underway. One of the most heated topics is the Vandal vs Phantom debate. Two rifles for the same price that are both similar and yet different. Valorant pro player and Sentinels MVP TenZ finally has the answer.

TenZ on Vandal vs. Phantom

As we've mentioned, the Vandal and the Phantom are quite similar, but also have their differences. The Vandal is one of the few weapons that can kill an enemy with a single bullet to the head, no matter the distance. For an automatic rifle, that's quite the feat. The Phantom, however, might be the better choice, at least according to TenZ. The pro player listed some of the reasons that made him think the Phantom is the obvious choice during a recent stream:

I'm actually not joking when I say that the Phantom is so much better than Vandal. The only thing the Vandal can do is one-tap, but the Phantom – bigger clip, easier spray pattern, one-hit at close range anyways, one-hits medium armor at all ranges. There are so many more reasons the Phantom's better.

When you think about it, it's really quite surprising that the Phantom and the Vandal cost the same price. As TenZ mentioned, the Vandal's only advantage over the Phantom is its one-tap potential of a fully-armored foe at all ranges. In the meantime, the Phantom is the better weapon in every other aspect. If that's truly the case, then players should only be buying the Phantom, and Riot will have to rebalance the weapon economy.

Other Valorant streamers like Shroud have taken a more neutral stance on the matter.

According to Shroud, both weapons are good and should be utilized in different scenarios and on different agents.

If I know I can't afford armor, I'm probably gonna buy a Vandal. If I'm playing with a lot of smoke agents I'll buy a Phantom.

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