The Ultimate Sova guide

Sova is one of, if not the best initiators in Valorant. Playing the important role of a recon-type agent, Sova is a must-have for almost any team. Our ultimate Sova guide will teach you everything you need to know about this ruthless hunter.

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As your classic marksman/recon type character, Sova uses his custom bow to fire high-tech recon bolts that reveal the location of opposing agents, as well as lethal shock bolts that shock and damage enemies.

To complement his bow, Sova can deploy a drone which he controls to gather intel on enemies and fire a marking dart revealing the location of a hit enemy. Sovas role in a game is all about gathering crucial intel for the team and pushing back the enemy with his damage-dealing abilities.

Everything you need to know about Sova


Game details

Ultimate AbilitiesHunters Fury
Ultimate points******** 8
Game Statistics
Pick rate48.6%
Win rate36.4%

Despite his calm and light-hearted demeanor, Sovas past is shrouded in mystery. Hailing from the cold and unforgiving Russian tundras, Sova is an expert hunter who hunts beast and man alike. Thanks to radiant technology, Sova uses his prosthetic eye to ruthlessly track and hunt down his enemies with his bow.

Released on March 2020 during the Valorant beta, Sova became agent number 6 to join the Valorant roster. But, despite being one of the original agents introduced and the character chosen to be used in the Valorant tutorial, Sova is a higher-difficulty character that takes longer to master and is less suited for new players.

However, regardless of his higher difficulty, Sova has both a comparatively higher pick and win rate compared to other lower difficulty characters.

Sova ult
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Is Sova right for you?

A powerful ult that can catch out enemies hiding behind cover.Abilities that require very precise aim and good knowledge of maps and angles.
Provides amazing vision for the team.A weak drone ability which is easily shot down.
Ability to scout and deal damage safely from behind cover.Struggles in handling more aggressive teams that avoid bunkering down.

Sovas access to intel through his owl drone and recon bolt, paired with the great damage dealing capabilities of his shock darts and hunters fury ultimate makes him a force to be reckoned with. However, to reach this potential players need to take time to master Sovas abilities and the angels which they use.

Sova has been available since the closed beta and much like Sage, he can be a vital part of any team composition. Combining recon and offensive skills, Sova favors being an attacker but can also be utilized defensively.

Sovas abilities

Owl Drone

Sovas owl drone ability deploys a flying scout drone with a 10 second flight time. The scout drone is equipped with a camera that Sova uses to pilot the drone and gather intel on enemies. The drone is also equipped with a marking dart which can be fired at enemies revealing them through walls at periodic ticks. There is a 0.6 seconds reveal per tick, with 1 tick every 1.2 seconds at a total of 3 ticks.

  • 300$
  • 1 Charge
  • 1 Tracking dart round with a 5 second cool down

How to use the Owl Drone

The owl drone is a more precise intel ability compared to the recon bolt and should be used to gather more precise information on nearby locations before moving around a corner. If you have fired your Recon Bolt and are still unsure if a location is clear, use the Owl drone to track down enemies not found by the bolt, then quickly mark the most immediate threat with a tracking dart.

Remember to fly the drone below head level as enemies will instinctively have their crosshairs focused at this level and will shoot down the drone on sight. Alternatively, you can also use the drone to bait an enemy out by having a team member follow the drone then target the enemy as they shoot it down.

When and where to use the Owl Drone

The owl drone has a limit flight time of 10 seconds which means that you won't be using this thing to scout across the map. The Owl drone shines when used around sites, scanning for enemies before an important push. Alternatively, the drone can also be used to locate a single enemy in a tighter space and baiting them to kill it.

Shock Bolt

The Shock bolt is ranged damage dealing arrow that creates a damage-dealing electric explosion on landing. The shock bolt can be fired at varied power resulting in a shorter or longer range and can be changed to bounce once or twice on map surfaces before landing and exploding.

  • 150$
  • 10 - 90 damage ( edge to center)

How to use the Shock Bolt

The shock bolt is an important tool that is used to damage and force enemies off locations. Rather than intending to use it as a form of high dealing nade, you should instead use it as a tool to check corners and cover before moving into a new location.

When you have improved at setting the ability up you can move on to more complicated maneuvers, where you can learn specific placements and angles that allow you to push enemies of important spots such as the plant locations.

When and where to use the Shock Bolt

The shock bolt should be used to clear important angles and site positions. While it can be used to check any uncertain angle or location, the shock bolt's strength lies in pushing enemies off important plant locations.

Our article 6 Sova shock dart lineups to dominate on Ascent will provide example lineups of the shock darts on Ascent, that can be used to prevent both plants and defuses, by landing the shock dart at key plant locations. When your ult is not available you should try to save your shock bolts as a tool to defend the spike once planted.

Recon Bolt

The Recon Bolt is a ranged scout arrow able to reveal enemy locations by creating a scanning field on landing. The Recon Bolt can be fired at varied power resulting in a shorter or longer range, and can be changed to bounce once or twice on map surfaces before landing and scanning for enemies in a 29-meter radius, revealing any enemy in the line of sight of the arrow at periodic ticks. There is a 0.75 second reveal per tick with 1 tick occurring every 1.6 seconds at a Total of 3 ticks

  • Free
  • Recharging charges
  • 29m scanning radius

How to use the Recon Bolt

The Recon bolt should be used to scan important site locations or chokepoints where enemies will be defending or moving through. While tempting to use for one's self, the recon bolt is best used to scout ahead for your team, checking areas leading to the site. What is important to note is that enemies will only be spotted when in the line of sight of the arrow.

So it should be aimed at higher walls that give the arrow a longer line of sight. Another important use for the Recon bolt is as bait, by using its range and bounces Sova can place it on a far site or location, tricking enemies into thinking your team will push this location. Your team can then converge on the opposite site for a stronger push and hold.

When and where to use the Recon Bolt

The recon bolt is best used on the main locations centered around A and B site, where you know the enemy will most likely be defending. Use the bolt at the start of the round to bait enemies or use it to slow an incoming push. Alternatively, you can save it for post plant, using it on the site and on important site entry points to get intel on enemies moving on to sight to stop or save the plant.

Hunters Fury

Hunters fury is Sovas ultimate ability and is a ranged AOE volley of three arrows, that damage, knockback, and reveal enemies. The arrows can be shot through walls and will damage enemies for 80 health and reveal them for 1 second.

  • 8 Ult points
  • 80 damage
  • 2 by 66-meter range
  • Reveal duration 1 second

How to use Hunters Fury

Hunters' fury should be used to kill or severely damage enemies stuck in long narrow hallways or to deny enemies defusing the spike. It should be combined with Sovas recon bolt and owl drone to spot enemies before activation of Hunters Fury then precisely decimate the targeted enemies.

Since the ability can be used through walls, Sova can move away from the site after a plant and cover a possible rotation. Then once a defuse is being attempted simply fire Hunters Fury at the planted spike.

When and where to us Hunters Fury

Hunters Fury should be saved for the late game during important moments such as a spike plant. For maximum effectiveness Hunters Fury should be used in narrow environments where the enemy has no room to escape and receive the highest amount of damage.

Best and worst agent compositions for Sova

Sova thrives on supporting stronger more damage-oriented duelists and controllers, by providing them with crucial intel on enemies and applying additional pressure with his damage-dealing abilities. Characters such as Jett, Reyna, and Reyze can pair their ults and abilities with Sovas Recon bolts and Owl drones to find enemies and take them out.

However, due to his more supportive playstyle, Sova will struggle more when playing with other supportive sentinels and initiators, as these characters are made redundant and wont be able to utilize Sovas intel like that of a Duelist.

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Best and worst maps for Sova

Due to his great skill set Sova is actually a great pick for most maps, however, Sova's main strength lies in holding longer open sightlines and using the environment around him. More open maps with vertical space, and long angles, allow Sova to use his shock dart and recon bolt at a greater distance, resulting in safer more accessible intel.

Maps like Ascent with a lot of vertical room and weaker walls let Sova set up some lethal lineups that can push enemies off a plant, and halt a push. However, maps like Split, which are tighter and more closed, limit the range and use of Sovas abilities.

Valorant maps collage
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Best and worst guns for Sova

When it comes to picking guns any gun will of course work with enough skill. But Sovas kit benefits of stealthier weapons with longer range, that can be paired with Sovas intel-gathering abilities to take more informed calculated shots.

Snipers like the Marshal and Operator especially compliment Sovas supportive playstyle allowing him to cover his team by holding long angles as they push. However, due to the fact that Sova avoids more aggressive risky plays, he benefits less from close engagement-type weapons such as the Bucky and Judge.

Valorant Guns
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Defending Tips for Sova

  • Use your shock arrows to keep attackers off important site entry points and plant locations
  • Place the recon bolt at important site entry points, to track duelists trying to flank during a push on a site.
  • Save Hunter's fury as a last resort to push back enemies planting on site.

Attacking Tips for Sova

  • Move with stronger duelists agent, feeding them intel with your abilities while covering their push.
  • Use the recon bolt to bait the enemy team into thinking you are pushing a specific site, then push the opposite.
  • Utilize hunters fury as a tool post plant, to deny defuses and push enemies off the spike.

Take time to master the hunt

Sova is an agent with a big learning curve that requires practice and commitment. But by taking time to practice and experiment with ability placement and lineups Sova rewards you with a versatile kit that can gather important intel, lockdown a site, bait enemies out, and deal damage. To improve your Sova plays we recommend you take time in some custom games, learning map layouts and bolt mechanics. Then focus on playing as a support agent, covering for your team by providing intel and holding longer angles with a sniper.