Valorant: Killjoy - Tips & Tricks You Have To Know

Killjoy is the genius in all of Valorant's agents. Learning her is a difficult task but to master her you'll need some extra Killjoy tips and tricks!

Valorant Agent Killjoy Tips and Tricks
Valorant: Let's see some genius Killjoy tips and tricks! | © Riot Games

Sentinel agents in Valorant have the role to lock off sites and defend flanks. Depending on the agent you're playing, this could be done differently. And that's the case with Killjoy.

Knowing how to use her abilities is one thing, but learning some tips and tricks is another that can vastly help you out. So let's go ahead and see some Killjoy tips and tricks in Valorant!

Valorant: Killjoys Nanoswarm Ability Trick

All Valorant maps have a universal default spot where every player plants the spike. With Killjoy, you can utilize these spots and throw Nanoswarm mollies there. When you're on the defensive side, you can place these mollies on the default planting place. Once the enemies try to plant the spike, activate them and you'll deal massive damage and prevent the enemy from planting the spike!

Valorant Killjoy Nanoswarm Ability Tips and Tricks
The spike and Nanoswarms go hand in hand! | © Riot Games

As for when you're attacking, place the Killjoy Nanoswarm ability where you've planted the spike. Then, when the enemies try to defuse the spike, simply activate the Nanoswarm and you'll prevent them from defusing the spike. But be careful, the enemies can destroy the mollies with their best Vandal skins!

Killjoy Alarmbot Ability Tips: Watch Flanks and More Damage

Lots of players often forget that there are backstabbing enemies who will sneakily flank. Placing a Killjoy Alarmbot at the barrier where you're attacking will help you out tremendously with this! Not only will you detect flanking enemies, but you won't have to watch over your back for them all the time.

Valorant Killjoy Alarmbot Ability Tips Tricks
Protect flanks with the Alarmbot! | © Riot Games

Another thing that specifically Killjoy players forget is that once an Alarmbot hits an enemy, they'll be taking double damage for 4 seconds because of the Vulnerable debuff. You can combine this with a sneaky Nanoswarm and deal massive damage, potentially killing the enemies. Using this combination to watch over other angles and openings can also support you very well as you take care of enemies on other openings with your best Phantom skins!

Killjoy Turret Ability Trick: Set up Crossfire

Crossfire is when 2 players shoot down an enemy from 2 different locations. This way, the enemy won't know which player to shoot. So what you can do with Killjoy is set up a crossfire with her Turret ability!

Valorant Killjoy Turret Ability Tips and Tricks
Combine the turret with Crossfire for the confusion! | © Riot Games

Place the turret on one side and go somewhere opposite it. When the turret starts shooting, you'll come out and shoot down the enemy while they're confused about who to shoot down first! This way, you'll defeat even the Radiant players in Valorant!

Killjoy Ultimate Ability Lockdown Tip: Learn Spots

Using Killjoy's ultimate ability Lockdown effectively can help you effectively take over sites, as well as defend a site while your teammates are rotating. For this, you must learn and use special spots.

Valorant Killjoy Ultimate Ability Lockdown Tips and Tricks
Follow the minimap and lock down whole sites! | © Riot Games

You can learn these spots from pro-VCT players, as well as find them yourself. To find these locations, simply press X when you have Killjoy's ult, and see its outline on the minimap. Try out different locations, and see what works best!

And that's it for the best Valorant Killjoy tips and tricks which will make you a master on the agent! Try to remember and use these tips and overlook your progress. If you start winning more games with these, then make sure you visit our Discord server and let us know about it.