5 Valorant Cypher Tips & Tricks You Have To Know

Cypher is one of the most unusual Valorant agents. His ability kit revolves around gathering information, so it wouldn't hurt knowing Cypher tips and tricks to start winning in Valorant!

VALORANT Cypher Light
The best Cypher tips and tricks you'll need in Valorant! | © Riot Games

Cypher is an information-based Valorant agent whose abilities are used mostly to support teammates. But more often than not, players have a hard time controlling Cypher's abilities because they're more used to aggressive plays. That's simply not the case with Sentinel agents.

You'll have to play defensively with Cypher until the enemies get trapped on your abilities for your benefit. So to help you out, we'll check out Cypher tips and tricks to get better in gameplay!

Cypher Trapwire Tips: Flanks and Angles

The first Cypher tips we'll check out are about one of his best abilities: the Trapwires. Some players have a hard time understanding them, but these tips will help you out with attacking and defending. When you're attacking with Cypher, you'll want to place a tripwire to prevent flanks. These traps can be placed directly next to the barrier where you're entering to attack the site.

Cypher Flank Trap 2
Prevent flanks and backstabbers with a barrier Cypher tripwire! | © Riot Games

As for defending, don't always place the traps normally at entrances. They can be spotted easily and destroyed even when the enemy gets caught on them. So what you want to do is place the traps under an angle. Below are 2 perfect Cypher tripwires placed under an angle on Ascent and Icebox.

Cypher Ascent Icebox Angle Traps
Cypher tripwires placed under an angle. | © Riot Games

Don't place the traps at the same spot over and over again as the traps will start to get easily noticed and destroyed. So preventing flanks and using tricky traps will start winning you more rounds with Cypher!

Cypher Cyber Cage Tricks: Pre-aim and One-ways

Lots of Valorant players often overlook the fact you have to place your crosshair over Cypher's Cyber Cage to activate it. And it's a small circle, so moving your cursor and activating the cage precisely can be hard and take time. So what you should do is pre-aim at the cage. You'll often combine the cage with a trap. Pre-aiming a cage basically means aiming at the cage before someone gets caught in the trap.

Cypher Preaim Cage
First aim at the Cypher cage before you aim at the enemy! | © Riot Games

Another thing you'll want to do is learn Cypher one-way cages. A Cypher one-way cage is when you can see the enemies' feet, but they can't see you with the cage activated. And when defending, especially from a distance, Cypher one-way cages can be too overpowered.

What you should do is combine both Cypher tricks above, and you'll master using the Cyber Cage altogether. One-way cages may take some time to be learned, but they're worth it. Be sure to use the best knife skins to flex on your enemies!

Cypher Spy Cam Tip: Use The Minimap

You can learn the best and buggiest Cypher camera placements, but you must know how to use the Spy Cam properly in the first place. That's where the minimap comes into play. Sometimes an enemy will pop up in the camera's point of view for a second. Although you won't notice him, the minimap will. There'll be a brief question mark on the minimap of that enemy, alerting you alongside your teammates.

Minimap Cypher Tip Cam 2
Check the enemies on the Spy Cam with the Minimap! | © Riot Games

The minimap can be a good tool to be used with Cypher's Spycam, but don't depend on it too much. You'll want to peek at the minimap from time to time to see if you missed any enemies. Put your focus mostly on the actual Cypher camera view.

Cypher Ultimate Tip: Help Your Teammates Through Minimap

Cypher's Neural Theft ultimate is weak compared to other agents' ultimate abilities. That doesn't mean it can't be useful, especially to your teammates. And like with the Spy Cam, you can also utilize the minimap with Cypher's ultimate ability. Once you use the ability and the enemies are revealed, open the map on its key bind (usually Caps-Lock) and ping at the enemies' location. If your team is following up on your input, they'll know where the enemies are located, making it easier to take on fights and sites.

Cypher Ultimate Tip Val
Make sure to ping your team the enemies' location with Cypher's ultimate! | © Riot Games

With that tip, you'll be ready with the best Cypher tips and tricks in Valorant. They may seem boring, but that's simply Cypher's gameplay and playstyle. But if you want more fast-paced agents, then you should definitely pick up a Duelist agent!