Ascent: Tactical Map Guide, Strategies & Callouts

Ascent is a popular Valorant map in that offers a variety of strategies and callouts for players to utilize. It can be challenging to win games on it, but with this guide, you will learn everything you need to know to climb on this map.

Ascent valorant map guide
Here is your guide to dominate on Ascent! | © Riot Games

In this guide, we will take a look at the entire Ascent map, discuss all the callouts, and talk about possible strategies that you can utilize on it, regardless of the side you will be playing on. That said, if you want to level up your game and climb ranks on Ascent, the content below is a must-read for you – enjoy!

Ascent: Map Overview & All Callouts

Below you will find all the main Ascent map callouts:

Ascent Callouts
All main Ascent map callouts. | © Riot Games

Ascent is a Valorant map where controlling the Mid area matters more than anything else, as it is a large open space that allows you to access any Spike Site within seconds. However, the map also features a number of choke points that can make things difficult for Attackers, so with that in mind, it is safe to say that Ascent it somewhat favored for Defenders.

Ascent: A Site Overview & Callouts

A Site Ascent Callouts
Ascent A Site Callouts | © Riot Games

As you can see, A on Ascent is full of corners and it is often impossible to check all of them, so it is obviously hard to attack or retake this Spike Site. We especially love setting up withInitiator Agents like Killjoy when defending it and rushing in with Duelist Agents like Raze for attacking. So yeah, apparently, Killjoy and Raze is a pretty lovely duo outside of lore as well.

Attacking A Site on Ascent

A site smoke ascen
Just a few good smokes and the round might be yours. | © Riot Games

To maximize your chances when attacking the A Site, you will most often need a good Duelist and Controller in your team comp. Controllers can smoke off key areas such as the Door, Heaven, and Hell, while Duelist can rush certain areas, grab some frags, and make it easier for the team to enter the Spike Site.

After you plant the Spike, make sure to focus on defending main angles such as Heaven and be aware of potential flanks from A Main or Door. Moreover, smoking A Rafters can provide safe access to the site through the Window or A Main, and smoking it again after a plant can also be super effective. With the Door closed, a player at A Wine covering A Main, and smoke on A Rafters, the Defenders will have a super hard time retaking the site.

Defending A Site on Ascent

Defending A Site on Ascent is relatively easy due to the map's design, which provides Defenders with few efficient ways to rotate to this Spike Site from any place on the map. You should normally have 2-3 Agents max covering it with a cross fire set up (e.g., one player on Heaven, and one at Generator). Consider also changing your position when the enemy spots you, as you don't want to get naded from A Main.

The design of A Lobby makes it easier to flank through Catwalk and skirmish there rather than in Mid Link, so be cautious when rushing in that area. Communication with the Mid players is also important, as you need to act based on the intel gathered.

Ascent: B Site Overview & Callouts

B Site Ascent Callouts
Ascent B Site Callouts. | © Riot Games

As you can see in the image above, the B Spike Site on Ascent is somewhat "cut in half" with the Workshop. Its design kind of reminds us of B Bombsite from dust_2 in CS:GO; it's pretty much a Valorant version of it, don't you think?

Attacking B Site on Ascent

When attacking the B Site, it is super helpful to have your team in both B Main and Mid. You also can't forget about smoking or mollying certain areas such as Defender Spawn/CT, Market or Boat House/Back Site to force the defenders to retreat or give up the site. As it is relatively easy for Defenders to rotate on B, and it is a more open Spike Site compared to A, we recommend you to rush into it as soon as you get the frag.

Remember to also always keep an eye out for enemies hiding in B Lane and B Stairs, and use your Agent abilities to clear essential areas such as Boat House and Wallbang.

Defending B Site on Ascent

One thing that you should focus on when defending B Site on Ascent is having control over B Main. This is the main entrance for Attackers, and if you can stop them there, it could easily win you a round by itself. That said, you might want to ask your Initiator Agents such as Sova or KAY/O to throw one of their reveal abilities to check for the presence of any enemies there.

It is definitely a harder Spike Site to defend, especially if you lose control over Mid. So, if you are in a losing situation, be sure to play as defensively as you can, and wait for the rotating players to arrive before you go for any risky plays.

Ascent: Tips & Tricks

Alright, it's time for some universal tips for playing on Ascent, that could also work as a TL;DR of this guide:

  • Focus on controlling mid in the early game. As we already mentioned in this guide, Mid is the most important area on the map, and controlling it early in the game greatly increases your chances of winning. Even playing on the defenders' side, a 4-man Mid setup can be a really good strategy, especially during eco rounds. For the Attackers side, however, when you lose your teammate at Mid, try to trade him and take over the position of the killed enemy, and decide where do you want to go from there. Moreover, you shouldn't underestimate intel gathering abilities – the more you know about the Mid in the early stages of the game, the more chances you have to prepare a good strategy for the round.
  • Set up a crossfire. Ascent has an incredible number of angles that allow an effective crossfire, regardless of the side. Crossfire will not only reduce the chances of opponents attacking a particular angle, but will also give you a chance to trade frags in case your "crossfire partner" gets killed.
  • Try to cover as many entrances as possible. Ascent is a map full of entrances, so you may often feel "stranded." And, of course, you won't be able to cover everything, which is why it's worth mentioning Sentinel Agents here, who, with their traps, can really make magic.

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