Pearl: Tactical Map Guide, Strategies & Callouts

Pearl is the biggest highlight of Episode 5, which has definitely won the heart of many Valorant players. It is the first map in a long time that doesn't have an "annoying" title. But you will love it even more after checking out this guide!

Pearl Map Guide Valorant
Learn all of the Pearl callouts! | © Riot Games

After three controversial maps (Icebox, Breeze, Fracture), we finally got a map that just feels good to play on. However, if you are not familiar with all these new callouts, you may get lost on it, and that is why we have prepared this in-depth Pearl map guide for you.

We will go through all the callouts and give you the best strategies you can use to win more games on Pearl; both for attacking and defense. Plus, before we start, you might also want to check out our gallery with the best Agents you can pick on this particular map:

Pearl: Map Overview & All Callouts

Pearl is another map where long range encounters happen a lot (especially at B Site). Just as on maps like Ascent, mid control is crucial; usually, the team that controls the mid area better simply wins the round.

Pearl Map Main Callouts
All Pearl map callouts | © Riot Games

The design of the map makes it hard to control with just the help of your team - you will also need to have at least some lineups prepared for your main Agent if you want to win consistently on Pearl.

Pearl: A Spike Site Strategies & Callouts

Here are all the callouts for A Site on Pearl:

A Site Pearl 2
Pearl A Site Callouts | © Riot Games

It's a really small Spike Site, to the point you can call it claustrophobic. That said, it's a great Spike Site to attack/stack on when you play a force buy round with your Spectre or Stinger.

Attacking A Site on Pearl

A Site is probably the easiest Spike Site to take over by Attackers, maybe even in the game. If you have Agents like Sova or Fade in the squad where you can get intel about the positioning of the defending team, taking the Spike Site should not be a big problem for you.

Attacking A Site Fade
Great Haunt lineup for attacking A from Main | © Riot Games

All you really need to take this Spike Site is some good lineups Initiator player + a Duelist that knows when and how to attack. It's not rocket science, especially if you have the mid control.

Defending A Site on Pearl

Defending A Site on Pearl is pretty hard to defend, as your options are limited due to the actual size of the Spike Site. However, this is where traps and smokes from your Sentinel and Controller Agents come in handy. You should also watch out for potential attacks from Mid Plaza to A Art, and you might want to consider positioning your Operator player on A Link.

Most of all, never leave this Spike Site alone because retaking it is even harder than defending. Plus, never forget about having at least one player watching the Mid Plaza on your full buy rounds.

Pearl: B Spike Site Overview & Callouts

Here are all the callouts for B Site on Pearl:

B Site Pearl 2
Pearl B Site Callouts | © Riot Games

It's a pretty extensive Spike Site, so be sure to be prepared for lots of long-range encounters, and Agents like Chamber looking for frags there.

Attacking B Site on Pearl

Unlike A Site, this Spike Site is a pretty hard one to attack. What will definitely be useful here are walls and smokes, so having a good Controller player is basically a must on this map. There are many lineups for Agents like Viper and Brimstone you can use, and here is one we would highly recommend for attacking B Site on Pearl:

Toxic Screen Viper Lineup Pearl
Viper's Toxic Screen lineup for B Tower | © Riot Games

All in all, what you need is a good communication between your Controller and Duelist player to take over this Spike Site ;this is pretty much a must. And if you want to learn more about good communication in Valorant, be sure check out our video on it:

Defending B Site on Pearl

B Site is where you want to place players with long range weapons like Operator or Vandal. You also have a lot of room to place your traps and one way smokes, so defending this Spike Site is nothing hard really. We personally love to play KAY/O for defending B Site on Pearl, as we think that his ability kit is just perfect on it, especially that flashbang.

Retaking this Spike Site is a bit harder though, as you have to watch B Hall, B Link, and B Tower; and well, sometimes you just don't have enough time and players for that. What you can do to make this easier for you is using your player detecting abilities and mollies for areas you expect the enemies to be.

Pearl Map: Tips & Tricks

And lastly, some universal tips and tricks to help you get more comfortable with Pearl:

  • Phantom on A, Vandal on B: The right weapon choice depending on the size of the Spike Site is something that many players underestimate. If you prefer Vandal over Phantom, there is no point in you defending A Site because you will lose even to a stupid Spectre. On the other hand, if you are not an enthusiast of 140HP headshots, don't go with your Phantom over B Site.
  • Have a good smoker in your team comp: Smoke is probably the most OP skill you can use for this map. So, we don't recommend you any specific Agent, for the meta; that is not the point. Our point is, your smoker needs to know how to use this ability. We don't care if you are using Omen – as long as he knows when to throw that smoke, you will be fine. If you won't have a good smoker and the enemy team does, you will be in big trouble.
  • Don't be cheap with your resources while defending: Pearl is an Attacker-sided map, so you need to risk more when defending, simple as that. That said, don't be afraid to do more force-buys and wacky plays on this map; you just need to do that. Just make sure that all these unconventional plays make sense at the end of the day.

So, that will be it for our Pearl map guide! If you are one of these players who is constantly into improving, make sure to also check out our other Valorant guides: