Breeze: Tactical Map Guide, Strategies & Callouts

Get familiar with all the strategies and callouts for the Breeze map!

Breeze map screen guide
This is the only Breeze guide you will ever need | © Riot Games

Breeze may not be the favorite map of most of you; we get it. It may not be as hated as Fracture, but every time we queue into it.... well, we'd rather see another map. But still, we just need to play it, so let's learn how to do it.

Breeze: Map Overview & All Callouts

Breeze is a map full of wide areas and big corners, which automatically forces many long-range situations. It's a pretty unique map for its size, and it doesn't feel like it's a Valorant or regular FPS map at all. It could easily be transformed into a Battle Royale map if you just remove the Spike Sites and make it a little bigger.

Breeze Map Main Callouts
All Breeze Callouts | © Riot Games

The map only has two Spike Sites, but it takes a really long time to rotate between them other than through Defenders' Spawn. Speaking of Spike Sites, let's look a little deeper into them!

Breeze: A Spike Site Overview & Callouts

Breeze A Site Callouts 2
Breeze A Site Callouts | © Riot Games

As you can see, the A Site is pretty big, plus it has many callouts. It's probably a harder Spike Site to defend compared to the B Site as there are in theory more places where you can expect Attackers to come. But regardless of the side you are playing in, having Viper in your team composition could be crucial when it comes to this Spike Site:

Attacking A Site on Breeze

Attackers can push A Site through three places – A Main, Double Doors, and A Hall. Usually, you will want to split with your team to attack from two different sides; never from just one as just one molly and smoke can cut you off. Be aware of that one sniper player and make sure to make his life harder with some of your abilities as defending this Spike Site will mostly depend on him. Once you take out the enemy sniper, your chances of taking the A Site are pretty high, especially since you can plant the Spike in front of the Pyramids.

And once you plant the Spike, be sure to follow these tips:

Defending A Site on Breeze

You need to have a good sniper player taking care of A Main – that is a must. Plus, you usually want to avoid pushing the Attackers; it's mostly about being reactive to what the enemy team is doing, so the more tools you have the better. Playing aggressively while defending A Site on Breeze can literally lose you a round, especially if your sniper will have no one to watch other areas for him.

It's also worth having someone on the Spike Site close to Pyramids to ensure that the enemy team won't be able to plant the Spike. All in all, it's a pretty hard Spike Site to defend, especially if you don't have a Sentinel Agent like Chambercovering on it.

Breeze: B Spike Site Overview & Callouts

Breeze B Site Callouts 2
Breeze B Site Callouts | © Riot Games

The B Site has fewer callouts than the A Site, plus they are also easier to remember. Moreover, it's not too hard to find yourself in short-range encounters compared to other places on the map; this is often a place for SMG players to cover.

Attacking B Site on Breeze

You can only get into the B Site through two places – Tunnel and B Main.

However, you usually want to have more players pushing through B Main, as this area is a bit wider. Moreover, if you can throw a wall from B Main to Pillar to split the Spike Site in half, you have the option to secure yourself a plant in seconds.

Here you should go for aggressive pushes much more often; it's a good place to round on your eco rounds with abilities purchased.

Defending B Site on Breeze

When defending B Site, you should be prepared to get rushed. That said, get your mollies and smokes ready to throw at B Main and cover places like Lane, Backsite, or Cuby. While we're talking about positions, make sure that your team positioning on B Site will counter a wall from the enemy Viper.

But what about covering angles with Operator? Well, having a sniper player is not really as necessary on this Spike Site, but if you have one in your team, send him to Mid Top or the A Site.

Breeze: Tips & Tricks

To finish off this guide, let's look at three universal tips and tricks for winning ranked matches on Breeze! If this is the only map you are loosing a lot on, make sure that these things are on point:

  • Have a good Controller player in your team (preferably Viper). Yes, we already mentioned it but we think that it's so important that we'll include this here again. Whether you hate Viper because of the lore or whatever, we don't care – she has a perfect ability kit for Breeze, period. Alternatively, you can go for Brimstone but honestly, having Viper in your team compositions just boost your chances for winning a game so hard that we don't see a reason to pick any different Controller. Moreover, knowing how important Viper is on Breeze, it would be good to have a player that knows how to pilot her, so don't instalock her just because you're playing on Breeze.
  • Play Vandal over Phantom. It's quite obvious – Breeze is a big map full of areas that will force long range duels, and Vandal is simply much better than Phantom in such situations. Save yourself those frustrating 140DMG headshots; even if you normally camp in Cubby, you won't be doing it the whole game. Picking Vandal is one of the easiest things you can do to increase your odds of winning the game on Breeze.
  • Take out the sniper player. And since long range duels are so common on Breeze, snipers are also an important part of team composition. That said, your sniper needs to be alive and well, and the enemy sniper needs to be dead. You can smoke him out, molly or rush him with 1-2 more players; no matter what you plan to do, taking out a enemy sniper player will also significantly increase your odds of winning a match.

And that's it for this Breeze guide! Do you have any favorite tips and strategies for this map? If so, make sure to share them with us on our Discord server!