How to Check and Change Servers in Valorant?

The Riot Games servers are what enable Valorant to be played across the world. Sometimes the servers can be down, and you won't be able to play the game. So you'll have to check the Valorant servers!

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Check and change Valorant's servers! | © Riot Games

The Valorant servers are the backbone behind the game's running. They're primarily responsible for dictating your ping and lag; if they're high, you should definitely lower your ping and lag. Nevertheless, the Valorant servers can sometimes be down, and you'll have to check them manually. So, here's how you can check the Valorant server status and change servers in Valorant!

How to Check Valorant Server Status?

If the Valorant servers are down, you can only wait until the servers are back online before you play the game with the best knife skins again. And there are servers across a lot of regions around the world, so some servers could be online while others can be down. So here's how you can check the Valorant server status for your account's region:

  1. Open the Riot Games Server Status website, scroll down, and select Valorant
  2. Choose the language and most importantly your Valorant account's region
  3. Check if there's an issue with your region's Valorant servers
Valorant Server Service Status 2
No Valorant server issues here! | © Riot Games

If the Current Message displays some kind of issue, then you won't be able to play Valorant until it's fixed. But most of the time, there aren't any Valorant server issues. You can even check the PBE server status here! Now, running away from a server issue isn't possible, since it's a regional thing. But changing servers once they're up in your respected region can lower ping and affect gameplay among the region's player base…

How to Change Servers in Valorant?

Some people mistake changing servers and regions as one and the same. Every region has servers to which you can connect. Changing your Riot Games account region for Valorant isn't available as of now, and the only way you can play through another region is by creating a new account with a VPN. But changing Valorant servers within the region can be done directly through the game! So here's how you can change servers in Valorant:

  1. Open up Valorant
  2. Click on Play above
  3. Hover above the three green to red bars box above your profile picture
  4. Select the server you want to play on
Valorant Change Servers Ingame 2
Change your servers in Valorant! | © Riot Games

As you can see, there are lots of servers you can choose from to play. But what most players opt for is not choosing a Valorant server at all. Not choosing a server will make Valorant pick the server with the least lag for you. So only in specific situations would you really want to change the Valorant servers to play with either the Vandal or Phantom!