Valorant Map Guide: How to Not Get Iced On Icebox

Valorant Map Icebox tutorial guide
Valorant's map Icebox. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Ever since the official release of Valorant, players have been craving new maps. The game was originally created with only 3 maps, with one addition that came with the first patch. However, four maps still weren't enough to satisfy the needs of many. Luckily, the last Act III update brought us a brand-new map called Icebox. On that occasion, we decided to make a full in-depth Icebox tutorial with different strategies and approaches to this map. Keep reading and find out everything you need to know before you start playing or you might end up iced!

Callouts on Icebox

As we all know, Valorant is a tactical FPS game that requires a lot more than just skill. It does not matter which map you play on, team communication is crucial on every single one of them.

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In order to communicate with your team, you need to know the exact names of every location on the map. After all, you wouldn’t be able to give proper info without knowing map callouts. Check out the callouts on the picture below and try to memorize as many as you can.

Valorant Icebox callouts
Icebox callouts. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Icebox Map – A-Site

Attacker Guide

The A-site on Icebox is pretty straightforward. It has two entrances – the right entrance leads to the high ground and the left one leads to the lower ground directly into the site.

When you're attacking, send a Duelist Agent with flash to the lower ground to make room for the upper-ground player to clear out lower angles.

The most important thing you should do before entering the site is smoking off the A Pipes entrance and the A Screen entrance. This way, you won’t have to worry about rotating enemies and it is easier to clear the site. After clearing, just watch A Rafters as the enemies will probably come from there.

Alternatively, you can make a split attack and attack A from both Mid and main. However, for this strategy to work, you will need full mid control which is really hard to get and even harder to keep. We wouldn’t suggest you take such risks unless your team has enough smokes and flashes to take mid control safely.

Icebox A site tutorial
Icebox A-site. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Defender Guide

As it is the only in-doors A-site on all Valorant maps, the one in Icebox is really easy to hold. You will need two Agents that can be positioned anywhere on the site.

In fact, it is better to change positions every round so you won’t be predictable. The good thing is, you don’t have to worry about mid because enemies need to take full mid control to get to A. This site also has a unique feature in the middle – there is a zipline connecting straight to the attacking side’s sniper nest. However, as a Defender, it is way too risky to use it. Just don’t push the zipline as you will most likely get punished for that.

Also, speaking of mid...

Icebox Map – Mid

Attacker Guide

Taking control of mid as an attacker is important because it will allow you to split attacks. On this map particularly, mid is mostly used to attack B. Like we already said, if you want to attack A from mid, you will need to take the full mid control which can be costly.

Before attacking mid, try to pinpoint the location of the enemy Operator and always make sure to smoke it off. If you have enough smokes, you can even gain enough mid control to attack B without contesting the mid defender. The proper usage of smokes will always allow you to isolate the mid player and contest only the one playing in B Oranges.

Defender Guide

Icebox is a complex map that revolves around mid control. Whoever holds mid has a great advantage because of its location. As a Defender, you need to control mid and never let it go without a fight. Ideally, you will want your Operator to play somewhere around Mid Boiler. It is an ideal position for an Operator with a clear line of sight to all entries.

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Truth be told, it is hard to defend mid solo. Luckily, the mid area is pretty much close to B so one B player can always position themselves to help. If the Operator gets smoked, that player should rotate to B Oranges underneath the tube. This position is not suited for Duelists because that Agent needs to have enough utility to stop rushes and buy time for the Operator to reposition.

Icebox Map – B Site

Attacker Guide

B is relatively easy to attack if you have control of mid. In a perfect scenario, you will want a B split attack because splitting makes it so much easier to take. If the whole team is attacking from B long, the B defender can just smoke them off or throw a molly to call for backup. So don’t do that.

Instead, try to obtain partial mid control and use it to get to B. The site is huge and you have enough space to do whatever you want. Try to be creative and don’t forget to smoke all entrances to cut off the rotating players.

Icebox B site guide
Icebox B-site. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Defender Guide

Compared to the other maps, the B-site on Icebox has a lot of space for both sides to work with. That’s an advantage for Attackers and the B defender has to be aware of that. They need to gather as much information as they can to stay safe.

The best approach to defend this site is passive. The Agent assigned to defend should just stay alive and delay pushes to allow teammates to rotate. There is a lot of space to work with which makes retaking B relatively easy. In other words, Cypher and Killjoy are best Agents for defending this site.\

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