Haven: Tactical Map Guide, Strategies & Callouts

Haven has been a complicated Valorant map to play on because of the 3 sites it represents. So for the players struggling to understand, a Haven map guide may help out tremendously!

Valorant Haven Ranked
Let's check out a tactical Valorant map guide for Haven! | © Riot Games

Haven has been a pinnacle of all Valorant maps ever since the release of the game. It has short angles and long corridors where all sorts of weapons can thrive if used correctly by players. So if you've wanted to correctly play and win on Haven, you've come to the right place as we'll check out a tactical map guide for Haven in Valorant!

Haven: Map Overview & All Callouts

Haven's a map boasting 3 sites, and with that come a great number of callouts. Here are all of the main Valorant Haven callouts:

Haven Main Callouts
All of the main Haven callouts you'll need to know! | © Riot Games

All of the sites mostly have 2 ways of entry, with each entry having short and wide angles. Take C Site here, for example, if you're going through C-Long you'll want to be equipped with an Operator or a rifle suited for long shots.

If you're going through C-Garage though, a Vandal or Phantom would work perfectly. The same goes for Haven's A Site and B Site respectively.

Haven: A Spike Site Overview & Callouts

Here are all the callouts for A Site on Haven:

Valorant Haven A Site Callouts
All of Valorant Haven's A Site callouts! | © Riot Games

Riot Games unfortunately haven't given us callouts for places located on-site at the spike planting grounds, much like they haven't given us free skins! But players have come out with callouts, and the above ones are the most used A Site Haven callouts. One thing to note here is that the CT callout may often be referred to as Defender/Enemy Spawn.

Attacking A Site on Haven

When you're attacking Haven's A Site, you'll want to have 1-2 players enter through A-Sewer and 3-4 players enter through A-Long. For entry to the site, make sure a Controller agent smokes off Heaven and CT. Then with an agent like Fade get info about the enemies' location on-site, and you should take control of the site easily!

Valorant Haven A Site Fade
If you know the enemies' location, you'll know where to shoot! | © Riot Games

Try to plant the spike at Default where it can be seen from A-Long and Sewer Path. This way, you can defend the spike from spawn and wait for the enemy to try and defuse the spike to easily defeat them. You can also defend the spike from on-site by overlooking Heaven and CT.

Defending A Site on Haven

Defending Haven's A Site is best done by defeating and not letting the enemies enter right at the entrances of the site. So placing Sentinel traps or smokes at A-Main's entrance and Sewer Path will make it much harder for the enemies to enter A Site. You'll also keep the attackers away for your team to rotate resulting in a fair fight.

Valorant Haven A Site Flash Retake
The enemies won't see you if they're blinded! | © Riot Games

If by any chance the enemies plant the spike, a retake on all Haven sites including A Site is pretty hard. But try to take it step-by-step and defeat the enemies gradually. Use flashes, Phoenix flashes for example like above, if possible to first defeat the enemies hiding on-site, then check and clear for any enemies hiding at A-Sewer and A-Long.

Haven: B Spike Site Overview & Callouts

Here are all the callouts for B Site on Haven:

Valorant Haven B Site Callouts
All of Valorant Haven's B Site callouts! | © Riot Games

The riskiest thing about Haven's B Site is that it's suitable for defenders to rotate really fast from A-Link and C-Link. Then there are the attackers who have the advantage of sneaking up on and from the other sites with their best knife skins! That's the strategies and tactics that the middle B Site from all 3 sites can bring upon from Valorant's Haven.

Attacking B Site on Haven

You'll want to have a player or two enter B Site through C-Garage and the rest of the team go from Mid-Window. A common practice here is to first smoke off C-Link and A-Link from rotating enemies. And with the players you've sent from C-Garage, they'll be able to take care of enemies rotating from C Site!

Valorant Haven B Site Attack Smoke
Some excellent Haven B Site smokes! | © Riot Games

The best spike planting spot for Haven's B Site is at Default where it can be overseen from Mid-Window. Back off securely to Mid-Window and defend the spike from there once the spike audio queue goes off. Make sure to have some kind of ability that will protect you from flankers at Mid-Window like a Cypher trap!

Defending B Site on Haven

Defending Haven's B Site is best done with long-range weapons like the Guardian. This is because you'll generally want to stop the enemy right at Mid-Window. Smoking Mid-Window is also an option to further obscure the enemies' vision. You can also wait to defeat the enemies right at the entrance of B Site, albeit it's a bit riskier.

Valorant Haven B Site Defence
Stop the enemy team right at their tracks! | © Riot Games

If the enemies do succeed in planting the spike, your best bet to retake the site would be through C-Garage into Mid-Doors. This way, you'll be able to defeat any enemies at Mid-Courtyard and Mid-Window, while having a plausible position to head into the site and clear any enemies lurking there.

Haven: C Spike Site Overview & Callouts

Here are all the callouts for C Site on Haven:

Valorant Haven C Site Callouts
All of Valorant Haven's C Site callouts! | © Riot Games

Haven's C Site is popular because of its C-Long wide corridor where even Marshals thrive! Besides that, it also has the C-Garage alongside Connector where both teams can make surprise attacks, from fast flanks to even stopping players who are rotating.

Attacking C Site on Haven

First thing first when you attack Haven's C Site is to place plausible smokes. There are 2 ways to do this:

  • One way is to smoke Connector alongside CT and take control of the whole site
  • The other is to smoke Logs and between Platform and Default to only take control of half the site to only plant the spike

Try to progress through C-Long to the entrance of C Site, and then use abilities like Sova's arrow to locate the enemies and flash abilities to make it easier to defeat them.

Valorant Haven C Site Attack Sova
Make sure you first get some info about the enemies! | © Riot Games

When you plant the spike, you'll have 2 options for defending it. One is to defend it on-site by overlooking CT and Connector. The other option is to defend the spike from C-Long with the absolute best weapon skins! Though the second option can only be done if the spike's planted where it could be seen from C-Long.

Defending C Site on Haven

You can defend Haven's C Site by stopping the attackers right at C-Long. Make sure you have a player protecting C-Garage too, as you can expect some enemies from there too. Don't be afraid to use molly, flash, and smoke abilities as you'll obscure the enemies' vision which will make it easier for you to defeat the enemies at C-Long, with the easiest agents!

As for retaking the site, you'll either want to enter C Site from CT or C-Garage or surprise the enemy with a fast flank at C-Long by going there from C-Doors. Use your abilities to find where the enemies are defending the spike from first, then it should be a piece of cake to retake the site with the best Vandal skins!

Haven: Tips & Tricks

Now that you're jam-packed with tactical Haven strategies, you'll also need a bit of extra knowledge to master the map. So here are some Valorant Haven tips and tricks to help you out:

  • Keep an eye on C-Garage: C-Garage is one of those entry points where attackers can easily stop rotating enemies and even go to Defenders spawn while the defenders can utilize it for fast flanks. So whatever side you're on, make sure C-Garage is on your radar alongside your mad aim skills on Haven
  • Pick up Ultimate Orbs: ultimate abilities can be essential to winning specific rounds on Haven. So make sure you pick them up as Haven's orbs are generally in easy locations
  • Have a Sentinel Agent on your team: this one's for the defenders - since there are 2 ways of entering a site on Haven, having a Sentinel agent like Killjoy will benefit you. Using Sentinel traps and bots on both of these entrances will make it much harder for the attackers to enter the site. Even attackers can utilize these abilities to protect themselves from flanks

And that's everything you need to know from this tactical map guide for the Valorant map Haven. Did this help you out understand the map a bit more? Make sure you visit our Discord server and tell us all about your experience playing on Haven!