5 Valorant Chamber Tips & Tricks You Have to Know

Valorant Agent no.18 Chamber has changed how round economy works. That's why we'll take a look at some tips and tricks for Chamber and his abilities to make climbing ranks easier!

Valorant Chamber Agent
The skills, the style, the kills! | © Riot Games

Since his initial release, Chamber has shaken up Valorant a lot. His abilities and skills always hit different since he was the first agent to introduce actual weapons as abilities. His Guardian-like pistol ability and Operator ultimate have shaken up the meta, so that's why we'll take a look at Chamber tips and tricks to help you improve gameplay!

Chamber Headhunter Trick: Instant Switch

Headhunter is a costly ability, sitting at 100 credits per bullet. That's why you want to utilize this ability by doing an instant switch from your main weapon to Headhunter. When switching from the main weapon to a secondary one, it can be really slow to start shooting. But say if you switch from your Operator to your Headhunter ability instantly after a shot, you can start shooting much faster at better accuracy!

Valorant Chamber Headhunter Ability
Instant Switch to Headhunter! | © VALORANT Hub, Youtube

Chamber Trademark Tip: Catch Flanks

Like other Sentinel agents, Chamber is more focused on defensive tactics for the team. Flanks are one of the worst situations you can find yourself in when you're attacking, so like Killjoy's Alarm Bot, you can use Chamber's Trademark ability to watch out for flanks. Hide one Trademark around corners before going on-site, and if it goes off, you can be absolutely sure someone's behind you!

Valorant Chamber Trademark Ability
Hide your Trademarks around corners! | © Riot Games

Chamber Rendezvous Trick: Defence is Key

What players don't understand is that Chamber is meant to be played defensively. They want to make insane outplays like TenZ, so using Rendezvous to teleport for the reason of attacking is plain stupid. This is because of how the ability behaves, when you use it. It takes some time before you can start shooting. That's why you should only use it defensively to teleport back on site.

While you're defending, you want to be more careful what weapons you use, so you should avoid these weapons in Valorant:

Chamber Tour De Force Tip: No Spam

Having an Operator as an ultimate ability has its disadvantages. People playing it think that it behaves the same as an Operator, but forget that Tour de Force only has 5 bullets. So don't spam it and only shoot when you're sure that you will secure a kill! If you are a spammer, get rid of that habit because if you don't, you'll only waste your ultimate ability.

  • Check out these Aim Trainers, so you don't waste Chamber's ultimate ability!
Valorant Chamber Tour de Force Ultimate Ability
Watch out your bullets! | © Riot Games

Chamber Ultimate Teammates Tip: Economy Rocks

One of the best reasons to have Chamber on a team is economy rounds. Say, you have 8 bullets in your Headhunter and your ultimate is ready. All you have to do is buy a shield, and voilà: you just saved around 3000 credits! You can use this to help out a teammate in need or save credits for the next rounds in case tough situations arise.

Chamber isn't the easiest of agents to master. His arsenal of abilities is focused on gunplay rather than simple flashes and a gosh dang rocket launcher... Raze! Though these Chamber tips and tricks should have eased your mind going forwards playing this agent. So, what are you waiting for, go get top frag!