New Valorant Agent BountyHunter: Agent Class Initiator

Riot Games knows best how to leak and give us new agents. This time though, they went to extremes. So let's take a look at who may be the new agent in Valorant!

Banner 2 Valorant Agent
Valorant's new agent will shock everyone! | © Riot Games, EarlyGame

With the new Episode 4 Act 2 that was released, Riot Games really wanted to push boundaries in giving us new info about the new Valorant agent (and lots of lore implications). With tons of details scattered throughout the game and social media, we can piece out 3 theories about who the new Valorant agent is going to be, and what their abilities may be. So without further ado, let's take a look at who the new agent may be in Valorant!

Theory No.1: Undercity Skin Bundle Shows New Agent

The first theory we're going to take a look at is what many players firstly started to speculate about: the Undercity skin bundle. While we were traveling around the world with Valorant agents, we got to take a look into Jett's life. In this music video, one face pops up a bit too many times around city advertisements. This may not be anything special, but what sparked the fire was when the Undercity bundle was released. The main feature of the skins is the face that shows up in Jett's video!

Valorant Under City New Agent
Victoria Vector, a potential new agent? | © Riot Games

We can see that her name is Victoria Vector. If you take a closer look, this character also has an upcoming music album. Since we got so many teasers around this character in the Valorant world, players started to speculate that she might be the new Agent 20. The new agent's abilities might be oriented around music. We have seen the feature of music in League of Legends, so why not in Valorant too? It just fits perfectly!

  • You can check out Victoria Vector on the Undercity Skin Bundle here:

Theory No.2: New Agent is an All-Knowing Blackmailer

While we were waiting for the new Patch 4.02 release, small details started to show up around Valorant, more specifically, the Practice Range. A couple of months ago, Riot Games included Brimstone's office into the Practice Range, where we had the chance to read some of his private emails. Here's the kicker though: we got new emails that blackmailed Brimstone to back out of some kind of investigation. We can conclude this because of a board that is in the Practice Range area with some photos on it of an eye that may be familiar.

Valorant Blackmailer Board Mail
Brimstone beware because someone's on your tail! | © Riot Games

Does this eye ring any bells? It's a new Player Card that was released along with the new Episode 4 Act 2! And trust me, that's the least we have to be worried about concerning the new agent. We got some of the heaviest lore drops of all time, including full names of agents and metaphorical messages from the blackmailer to the Valorant protocol. This was included in tablets scattered across the maps, mostly sitting at the defender side.

Valorant Blackmailer Messages
What is going on with these agents? | © Riot Games

The blackmailer seems to know too much. That's why players started to speculate whether they may be the new agent. The new agent's abilities could have something to do with hacking, like KAY/O, since the capabilities to find out such information isn't that easy. Nothing's for certain though, since this can be some lore drop for the community to be interested in something more special. Who knows, maybe Undercity's girl Victoria and the Blackmailer may be one and the same!

Valorant New Agent Class and Codename: BountyHunter the Initiator?

Although the Blackmailer can be the new Valorant agent, there's one more speculation left in light of recent Riot Games leaks. Firstly, the new agent's codename was revealed: BountyHunter.

This has sparked a lot of new ideas for the agent, maybe the BountyHunter will be a new agent that will hunt the Blackmailer. Or better yet: BountyHunter, the Blackmailer, and Victoria Vector are the same, anime plot twist style! And Riot Games have come out themselves to reveal the agent's class in their newest State of Agents: the BountyHunter will be an Initiator.

Valorant Teaser New Agent 4
New agent teaser! | © Riot Games, @svklimkin / Unsplash

The new Valorant agent BountyHunter will be an Initiator based on gathering information like Sova. An information-based Initiator is highly missed in the meta since the other agent classes have been filled to the brim, especially Duelists. One thing to note from the teaser though: the coffee is Turkish, and you can compare the teaser with real Turkish coffee in the image above. This brings us to the next point:

Valorant New Agent Location and Map

Alongside our normal servers, the PBE Valorant servers also received new lore drops about the new agent. We may even know which location our agent will be coming from. From a voice message that Sova left for Brimstone, they are preparing an operation to go search for the blackmailer in Turkey! On the board above in the PBE servers, the location of Turkey is also circled, alongside pictures of who is going on this mission to capture the new agent! Who knows, maybe we'll even get a new map in Turkey!

What's more interesting though is that we got more dossiers for agents and their full names. So it seems as if the Blackmailer has no plans on sparing anyone! Let's hope that the new mission in Turkey will shed light on everything, since it seems like the agents don't want us to know their secrets either.

Valorant New Agent Release Date

Nobody has a conclusive answer on when the new agent is going to be released, but we can speculate around dates from previous agent releases. There is a 3-month time span between Asta's and KAY/O's release date, while players had to wait 5 months for Chamber to release. Neon's release date was shortly after Chamber – fans only had to wait two months.

Judging by that, we can predict that the next agent will be released within 3-6 months after Neon. This means the release date for the new Valorant agent should be around Episode 4 Act 4! Although this is left only to speculation, it'll take some time before we see the new Valorant agent.

Imaginary agents, like Nora, have previously tricked us into thinking anyone can be the new agent! But this time, things have gotten more serious. What's next for new characters in Valorant? Only time can tell.