Is Nora the Next Agent in Valorant?

Valorant Agent Nora Fan Art Spikes Interest
Agent Nora is so convincing! Will she be the next Valorant Agent? (Credit: Kai Chang via ArtStation)

Nora? Is that the name of Valorant's latest agent or just some fan art? In either case, players are looking for clues about the next character on the roster.

Valorant's patch 2.08 left players empty-handed as it didn't add a new agent - something that has never happened before. Prior to that, Riot used to add a new agent with the release of every new Act. Now, we're not so sure if that'll be the case anymore. Agent 16 was delayed more than we anticipated at the end of April, but we're certain that Valorant will get a new Agent addition with Episode 3 Act 1. The latter is set to come out on June 22, a day after the conclusion of the current Act and Battle Pass.

Who is Agent Nora in Valorant?

The Valorant fan base is looking for any piece of information regarding Agent 16. Agent Nora popped up recently and many players started speculating that she might be the latest addition to the Valorant agent pool. Sadly, we'll have to let you down on this one. While the art does look very convincing, agent Nora is just fan art made by Kai Chan on ArtStation.

The art piece was released roughly a week ago - right on time to raise some questions. Who knows though, Riot Games might be playing 4D chess and leaking the new agent right under our noses. We know very little about Agent 16 so far, but more details will pop up in the weeks to follow.

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