SEN TenZ 2022 Valorant Settings & Gear (Updated)

Now is a perfect time to look at the setup of the absolute king of Jett and arguably Valorant's biggest star – Tyson "TenZ" Ngo.

Tenz sentinels Champions21
Do you think TenZ will be as good with Neon as he is with Jett? | © VCT

TenZ is a big inspiration for a large part of the community interested in the competitive scene. And no wonder – not only his gameplay is quite remarkable, but also the path he has taken to get to where he is now. As we've just started a new Episode, many of you are probably determined to get even higher on the ranked ladder and maybe even try to make it to the VCT circuit. That said, let's take a look at the settings and gear that TenZ is using in 2022, a player who can definitely say that he managed to fulfill his "eSports dream" last year.

Sentinels TenZ: Gear

Ten Z headset
TenZ has recently become one of the faces of Xtrfy | © Xtrfy
MouseFinalmouse Starlight-12
KeyboardXtrfy K4 TKL
MousepadArtisan Zero XL Soft
HeadsetXtrfy H1

One interesting fact about TenZ's gear is that his mouse is precisely customized for his hand, and he's been using it since about the second half of 2021. His headset and keyboard choices may result from his collaboration with Xtrfy; TenZ previously used a Sennheiser Game Zero and HyperX Alloy Origins Core for a very long time.

Moreover, TenZ has a lot more gear in his house, and sometimes he uses additional keyboards/monitors, which you can see on his stream, but we focused on the ones he uses for his gaming sessions specifically.

Sentinels TenZ: Video Settings


Display ModeFullscreen
FPS LimitsNone

Graphics Quality

Material QualityLow
Texture QualityLow
Detail QualityLow
UI QualityLow
Anisotropic Filtering1x
Improve ClarityOff
Experimental SharpeningOff
Cast ShadowsOff

Despite using ASUS GeForce RTX 3090, TenZ has all possible settings on low, like most pros and streamers. Valorant is still not optimized well enough, and playing it on high settings comes with a risk of the game freaking out in various ways (audio cutting out, screen freezing when seeing another player model, etc). So, if you find yourself in this article because you want your game to run as smoothly as it does on TenZ's stream, keep in mind that it's primarily due to such low graphics settings.

Sentinels TenZ: Keyboard & Mouse Settings

Ten Z mouse
TenZ is one of those players who isn't convinced about jumping using the spacebar | © Riot Games

Mouse settings and keybinds are a very personal thing, especially considering that TenZ has a gear customized for his hands. But still, it's a good thing to get inspired by, just remember not to copy it blindly; mess around and try to customize them for yourself.

Ability 1Mouse 4
Ability 2Mouse 5
Ability 3C
Ultimate AbilityF
JumpWheel Down

Windows Sensitivity6
Scoped Sensitivity1

Sentinels TenZ: Crosshair

Center DotOff
Inner Lines1 / 6 / 2 / 3
Outer LinesAll Off
ErrorsAll Off