Valorant KAY/O: Tips & Tricks You Have To Know

Learning and mastering Valorant agents such as KAY/O can be tough. But some KAY/O tips and tricks can help you massively understand the mechanics behind the agent!

Valorant KAYO Tips and Tricks
Valorant: Let's see some KAY/O agent tips and tricks for all your needs! | © Riot Games

Whenever you learn a Valorant agent, there are always some mechanics and tips that can help you out win more battles. The same goes for our robotic agent friend KAY/O! So if you were searching for a push to fully learn KAY/O, then don't worry as here we'll check out the best KAY/O tips and tricks in Valorant!

KAY/O FRAG/MENT Ability Tip: Learn Post-Plant Lineups

The first KAY/O ability tip you should be aware of is his FRAG/MENT molly. It's a powerful tool to close off a section to push for a limited time, but the best use of KAY/O's molly ability is to stall for time during post-plant of the spike while being on the attackers' side. And this is best done through learning and using KAY/O molly lineups safely.

There are other lineups you can learn to push out enemies of their hiding spots, but KAY/O post-plant lineups have to take the win here. They're as useful as the safest places you can throw them from, even on all of Valorant's maps!

KAY/O FLASH/DRIVE Ability Trick in Valorant: Throw Pop Flash Behind You

This KAY/O trick is used even in higher ranks by pro players. And that's to right-click to throw your pop-flash behind you while trying to peek at an opening or angle. While we're at it, try to right-click to throw the flash a little bit away from the angle. This way, you won't flash yourself as much because you threw it behind you while the enemies will have less time to react to your KAY/O flash!

Valorant KAY/O Pop Flash Behind Reverse
The enemy's flashed, and you're not! | © Riot Games

You may also know this as the KAY/O reverse-flash meta. However powerful it is, be careful how you use it. This is because KAY/O received a nerf on his right-click flash as of Patch 5.07.

KAY/O ZERO/POINT Ability Tip: Disable Abilities Efficiently

Lots of people use KAY/O's knife ability to only locate enemies. This can lead to the knife being easily destroyed, as well as not gathering enough info. So strafe to use the ability on walls which enemies may be hiding behind. KAY/O's knife affects people in a circular wide area, even with players hiding behind a wall.

Valorant KAYO Knife Tip
It affects everyone, even if they're hiding behind walls! | © Riot Games

This leads us to the next point: use KAY/O's knife to disable essential abilities. For example, there's a Viper that blocks your whole vision with her wall. If you steer to disable her abilities with your knife and even catch her hiding behind walls, you'll retrieve the advantage of vision bringing in lots of info about the enemies! So try to locate and disable enemies which you think could stop your progress with their abilities.

KAY/O Ultimate Ability NULL/CMD Trick: Push and Defend Safely

Although KAY/O becomes an absolute firing bomb in his ultimate ability, what most players forget is that it disables abilities too. So if you're attacking or defending a site, simply activating your ultimate will make the enemies vulnerable. Therefore you'll be able to push onto a site or defend it knowing you're safe from flashes and all sorts of abilities, including beginner agent abilities!

Valorant KAYO Ultimate Ability Trick
That circle is the radius where all enemies will have their abilities disabled! | © Riot Games

And that's it for the best KAY/O tips and tricks to help you out win more Valorant matches. Will you use these in your Valorant matches? If so, make sure you visit our Discord server and let us know if these tips and tricks helped you out!