Valorant Champions Istanbul Day 6: Three Close Matches, Two Eliminations

Yesterday's day of the Valorant Champions tournament was truly exceptional. There was not a single match that could be called "close," and we also saw the loss of one of the bigger favorites of this tournament.

XSET win vs f PX
XSET defeated FunPlus Phoenix to secure a Playoffs spot! | © Riot Games

Any EMEA Valorant fan watching Valorant Champions Istanbul yesterday was probably pulling his hair out of his head. Not only was Fnatic one step from being out of the tournament, but we also saw FunPlus Phoenix, the winners of the last VCT Major, lose to XSET in a Group C Winner's Match. APAC fans didn't have it easy either, as they have experienced the loss of the third team from this region.

Champions 2022 Istanbul Day 6: KRÜ Esports vs XERXIA (2:1)

The day started with KRÜ Esports vs XERXIA game, which was an Elimination Match for Group C. Right from the start, it was clear that this day belongs to KRÜ Esports. The first map was Icebox, and they took it 13-4, and the biggest highlight of the match was Keznit scoring as many as 20 frags with KAY/O!

Haven was taken by XERXIA also in quite a dominant style. Just like Keznit rocked with KAY/O on Icebox, we could see CRWS killing it with Breach. Sscary also spiced up the match by winning some stressful situations, like this clutch:

However, for the last map (Ascent), we could experience pure brutality from the LATAM squad. Once again, this was Keznit's game - the map ended with a 13-6 score for KRÜ Esports and him scoring 23 frags total with Jett.

First half93
Second half134

First half

Second half713
First half75
Second half137

With this result, XERXIA is now out of the tournament, and KRÜ Esports will have to win a Decider Match against FunPlus Phoenix to make it out of the Group Stage.

Champions 2022 Istanbul Day 6: FURIA vs Fnatic (1:2)

Next up, we could watch another Elimination Match: FURIA from LATAM against Fnatic from EMEA. Many people pointed to Fnatic as the clear favorite in this match, although they didn't have it that easy at all.

FURIA easily won Icebox with insane performance from dgzin (Chamber). However, the next map was Breeze, and this is the map that Fnatic just mastered to perfection; they won the first half with a brutal 10:2 score! The way Boaster played Viper on this map was just so beautiful – the map ended with a 13:7 score for Fnatic and him scoring 17 frags total.

And the decider map was Haven, where it was actually pretty close. Like, everyone expected Fnatic to win this match without a problem, and yet the decider map ended with a 13:11 score for them. Not only that, but Fnatic is also considered to be one of the favorites of the entire tournament, and they were just a few rounds away from going 0:2 and dropping out.

First half75

Second half

First half210
Second half713


First half


Second half


So, Fnatic will have one more chance to stay in the tournament and qualify for Playoffs, while FURIA is already out, and they will have to wait until the next year to play in an official VCT match again.

Champions 2022 Istanbul Day 6: FunPlus Phoenix vs XSET (1:2)

And this match was the absolute highlight of the day. Both teams showed a really high-quality performance throughout the year, although most were betting on FunPlus Phoenix, due to their victory at VCT Copenhagen. Well, not this time!

It all started on Pearl, where XSET dominated the first half with a miraculous 7:1 score. One thing we have to highlight for this match is BcJ's outstanding performance with Fade; something outstanding to watch:

The first map ended with a 13:7 score for XSET, but then we had Fracture, and it was all about FPX's flashy plays. Aces, clutches, whatever you can imagine, it all happened there:

So, it all came down to Breeze, where XSET just got mad and went 11:1 during the first half. At that point, everyone knew how it was going to end. FPX fought for a bit, but they just couldn't catch up with all the lost rounds.

FunPlus PhoenixXSET
First half


Second half713
First half84
Second half134
First half111
Second half513

Valorant Champions Istanbul Day 7 Matches

The Valorant Champions Istanbul tournament will resume on 07.09 with the following matches:

DateMatchTournament Phase
07.09, 04:00 PM CEST

Paper Rex vs Team Liquid

Group A Decider Match
07.09, 07:00 PM CESTLOUD vs ZETA DivisionGroup B Decider Match