FunPlus Phoenix Win VCT Copenhagen!

These finals were anything but one-sided, but there could only be one champion – and it is FunPlus Phoenix from the EMEA region.

VCT Masters Win FPX
FunPlus Phoenix are your new VCT Masters champions! | © Riot Games

The first VCT major in front of a live crowd has just come to an end and is won by FunPlus Phoenix from the EMEA region. We think everyone will agree – it was the best final you can dream of when going as a spectator to an eSports tournament. Not only did we get to see the full 5 maps, but it was all so stacked and close! On top of that, the stakes were high – a team that couldn't go to the last major vs. the first representative of the APAC region to make it so far. Let's recap what happened today and look at some statistics!

FunPlus Phoenix Triumph at VCT Copenhagen

The first map was Bind, picked by Paper Rex. However, they were losing hard on it – the first half ended in an 11-1 score for FunPlus Phoenix. Paper Rex tried to push aggressive strategies that worked before in this tournament, but ANGE1 and the boys just countered them so hard, they had no chance. The match quickly ended with a 13:3 win for FunPlus Phoenix.

And then we had a clean swap of roles – Icebox, a map picked by FunPlus Phoenix, on which Paper Rex triumphed. What we really loved about this match was how many risky plays both teams took, as if they wanted to counter each other at all costs. There was just about everything: Force buys, quick picks, position changes. The map ended with a score of 13:7 for Paper Rex, which made things even.

Fracture was a map where Paper Rex played super aggressively on both sides, and it really paid off for them at one point. However, after round 6, FunPlus Phoenix seemed to know recognize their playstyle, and they just started countering them every round. Great tactics plus insane moments from Suygetsu led to another map win for FunPlus Phoenix.

Next up, we got Haven, and this was another match where the crowd just went insane. It was full of clutches, mind games, counterplays - if you are into Valorant eSports you just need to rewatch this match for yourself. It was also super close, but Paper Rex took the win, making the map score 2-2.

The last map was Breeze and well, it was the closest of all. Even though it all started with FunPlus Phoenix winning the first three rounds, it all became much more even when Paper Rex had access to their primary weapons. Both teams had pretty unusual team comps on this maps, but especially Paper Rex - Yoru, Neon, Astra, Breach, Fade. In VCT Masters finals. Wow.

But honestly, it worked to the point when FunPlus Phoenix had to call a tactical timeout! And well, after that timeout, things went pretty clear – FPX was going for the win. And they took it, by finishing the match with a 13:9 score.

To conclude, here's how the entire Grand Finals went:

Paper RexFunPlus Phoenix
First half313
Second half
First half9


Second half

First half66
Second half


First half7


Second half137
First half57
Second half913

By winning VCT Copenhagen, FunPlus Phoenix earned $200,000 and 1000 VCT points which automatically qualifies them for Valorant Champions. This was the last Masters tournament of the year, and we are getting closer to finishing this VCT season – the only thing we have left are Last Chance Qualifiers and Worlds. If you want to keep up with both of these events, make sure to follow our eSports section for Valorant!