New Skin Lines & Valorant Tournament Mode Leaked

So apparently, all these leaks from xtr_cs that everyone thought were fake now look completely legit. Let's talk about the upcoming skin collection as well as the tournament mode that might be coming to the game later this Episode.

Valorant leaks knife
This knife pretty much confirms all these leaks. | © Riot Games

So, do you remember these Twitter posts by xtr_cs where he claimed to leak a new skin collection, tournament mode and some new in-game currency before Episode 4 Act 3? Firstly, that's just a lot to leak in one day. And secondly, these skins just looked a little weird and not really so legit. Come on, just look at it now:

Yeah, back then that that just screamed "fake". However, apparently, it's not because as you can see, these leaks include two skin lines that were just added to Valorant. For example, this Demonstone knife is a part of the Prelude to Chaos bundle that got released in a recent 5.0 Update.

So, now that we know that these leaks are true, let's briefly explain what it means for the game:

Valorant Tournament Mode

We could hear about the plans for a tournament mode back in Episode 3, where data miners found this text in the Patch 3.03 game files:

Tournaments are coming VALORANT! | Compete in a high stakes tournament mode against other teams to earn super cool prizes. Tournaments are every other weekend with timetables listed below. Get started by verifying your identity and then creating or joining a team!

The tournament mode features would include:

  • Creating Teams: Once you create a team after being verified you can invite teammates
  • Find a Team: Look for available teams to join or post yourself as a free agent on the scouting board
  • Scouting Board
  • Tournament Shop
  • Team Tags

Since we just got this leak now, we think that we can also speculate when to expect this feature to launch – we expect the tournament mode to be added in either Act 2 or Act 3 of Episode 5.

Moreover, since this feature is strictly related to the eSports side of Valorant, it might just get announced on the next VCT major, which is scheduled to be on July 10.

Tournament Mode Currency

As you can see above, one of the features of the tournament mode would be a Tournament Shop. On screenshots provided by xtr_cs, we can see an additional currency right next to Valorant Points and Radianite Points:

New Valorant Currency
Is it a tournametn mode currency? | © Riot Games

In our opinion, it could be related to two things – either Agent skins (judging by the icon) or the tournament mode. Yeah, this icon doesn't really look too "eSports-ish", but maybe it's just a placeholder. One way or another, we'll be getting a new in-game currency in Valorant.

New Valorant Weapon Skins Leaked Including Reaver 2.0 Collection

xtr_cs also provided us with codenames for the upcoming skin collections. These would be:

  • ANTARES (No additional information)
  • DAEDALUS (Upgradeable skins, 4 color variants)
  • EGYPT (Non-upgradeable, might be an Act 2 Battle Pass skin line)
  • SOULEATER2 (Upgradeable skins, 3 color variants)

Interestingly, the SOULEATER2 appears to be a codename for a Reaver 2.0 collection, and it will include a Phantom skin:

Reaver Phantom Leak
We've been waiting for this one for a while | © Riot Games / xtr_cs

Reaver Vandal is a certified classic; after all, it's one of these aimbot skins. Will Phantom be the same? We'll have to see, but we are confident that people will go crazy after this one comes out. It's a big one, so we expect this one to get released right after the beginning of Act 2 rather than in the middle of this Act.

And what are your thoughts of these leaks? Reach to us on our Discord and let's speculate together!