Valorant Champions Istanbul Day 5: Two Teams Got Eliminated

The first elimination day of the Valorant Champions Istanbul tournament is behind us, and there are now 2 fewer teams in play. Besides, one big match got postponed due to FunPlus Phoenix players feeling sick.

Vct istanbul
VCT Champions — Day 5 Results | © Riot Games

Yesterday (04.09) was the first elimination day for the Valorant Champions Istanbul tournament, and oh boy, it was wild. Let's start with the fact that the match between FunPlus Phoenix and XSET has been postponed to today and will take place at 08:00 CEST.

Besides this situation, two teams now have to say goodbye to the tournament, and these are EDward Gaming and BOOM Esports. This also means that Team Liquid and ZETA Division will have one more chance to qualify for Playoffs.

So yeah, these are the highlights, but let's recap what exactly happened yesterday during Valorant Champions Istanbul and check out what is planned for Day 6!

Champions 2022 Istanbul Day 5: BOOM Esports vs ZETA Division (1:2)

Zeta division win
ZETA Division still has a chance to make it. | © Riot Games


It all started with Haven, where we could see ZETA Divison's Dep fragging like a madman with Neon, and Laz abusing Chamber as much as it gets. Like, they both scored 15 frags in the first half, and BOOM Esports had virtually nothing to say. The first half of Haven ended with 8-4 for ZETA Division, and it truly felt like they are about to dominate this whole match... but it didn't happen, not at all.

It looked like ZETA Divison players started feeling too confident; we could see minor misplays allowing BOOM Esports to come back, and end the map with a 13-11 score.

Two BOOM Esports players that played a massive role in this comeback were blaZek1ng (Astra) and fl1pzjder (Killjoy), especially if you consider that sweet retake during round 23:


Then, the match moved on to the newest Valorant map – Pearl. And here again, ZETA Divison started strong by ending the first half with 8-4 score, just like on the first map. However, this time, they stayed calm, even thought BOOM Esports was clearly combing back in the second half.

We could clearly see in this match that ZETA Division had more strategies and lineups for the map. But again, BOOM Esports qualified for Champions through the Last Chance Qualifier, so they had less time to prepare properly for Pearl. Still, the game got to 13-11, so it was a really close match regardless.


And this was just brutal from ZETA Division. Dap went ham with his Neon – he was running around like a real Duelist and scoring frag after frag. Then we also had Laz, who abused Chamber just like on the first map.

ZETA Division ended the first half in 10-2, and then won a pistol round to quickly end the series. This was probably the most one-sided game we've seen so far at this tournament. And with that, BOOM Esports got eliminated out of Valorant Champions Istanbul.

BOOM Esports vs ZETA Division Map Scores

BOOM EsportsZETA Division
First half48

Second half


First half


Second half

First half210
Second half213

Champions 2022 Istanbul Day 5: EDward Gaming vs Team Liquid (0:2)

Team liquid scream performance
ScreaM's squad sent EDward Gaming home! | © Riot Games


Bind is known to be Team Liquid's worst map, yet they absolutely crushed EDward Gaming on it. It looked like the EMEA team just showed off with clutches, aces and knife kills... Not much to talk about; it was Team Liquid's show.

One interesting thing about this match is that Jammpi picked Sage instead of Chamber for the first time in 18 official games. On Team Liquid's worst map. Wow, why would you do that? Again, even though it looked bad for Team Liquid on paper, they have won this map with a 13-5 score.


However, Breeze was a lot closer. The match started with another controversial choice for Team Liquid, where they picked Phoenix as their Duelist Agent. Even though the first half ended with a 7-5 score for the EMEA team, it was clear that they do not feel as confident as on the first map.

It was close to the point where we could see it going to Overtime! However, once it got there, Team Liquid quickly finished the job, and the match ended with a 14-12 score for them. That said, EDward Gaming got eliminated out of the tourney, and we won't see them playing there anymore.

One player that is really worth highlighting for this match is ScreaM (Duelist player – Raze, Phoenix), who scored 38 frags total, where 37% of these kills were headshots.

EDward Gaming vs Team Liquid Map Scores

EDward GamingTeam Liquid

First half

Second half513
First half57
Second half1212

Champions 2022 Istanbul Day 6 Matches

And what we can expect from Day 6 (05.09)? Well, today we will see another two teams going home and one team advancing to Playoffs. Here are all the Champions Istanbul Day 6 matches:

DateMatchTournament Phase

05.09, 02:00 PM CEST

KRÜ Esports vs XERXIA EsportsGroup C Elimination Match
05.09, 05:00 PM CESTFURIA vs Fnatic

Group D Elimination Match

05.09, 08:00 PM CESTFunPlus Phoenix vs XSETGroup C Winner's Match