All Valorant Skin Collections Released in 2022

We've collected all skin lines released in 2022, so you won't be surprised when weapons from the new collections appear in your Valorant Store offers!

All skins 2022
It all started with the PROTOCOL collection | © Riot Games

Compared to other FPS games, weapon skins in Valorant can be truly stunning and change gameplay quite a lot. It's been 2 years since the game's release, and Riot still has to develop new designs that will grab players by the heart. Let's see how they do in 2022!

All Valorant Skin Bundles Released in 2022

So far, Riot has released 8 unique skin bundles with one revamped collection. Here's what their breakdown looks like at the moment:

Skin LineWeapons


CostUpgradeableRelease Date
Protocol 781-A

Phantom, Bulldog, Sheriff, Spectre, Melee

Ultra9900 Valorant PointsYesJanuary 11, 2022
TigrisPhantom, Spectre, Operator, Shorty, MeleeDeluxe5100 Valorant PointsNoFebruary 1, 2022
UndercityPhantom, Bulldog, Judge, Classic, MeleePremium7100 Valorant PointsMelee onlyFebruary 16, 2022
Gaia's VengeanceVandal, Marshal, Guardian, Ghost, MeleePremium7100 Valorant Points


March 1, 2022
Team AceVandal, Phantom, Operator, Judge, FrenzyDeluxe5616 Valorant PointsNoMarch 16, 2022
EndeavourVandal, Operator, Ares, Bulldog, GhostSelect2930 Valorant PointsNoMarch 31, 2022
Doodle BudsPhantom, Stinger, Shorty, Marshal, AresPremium6992 Valorant PointsYesApril 12, 2022
RGX 11z Pro 2.0Phantom, Guardian, Stinger, Frenzy, ClassicExclusive8700 Valorant PointsYesApril 27, 2022

Vandal, Ares, Bucky, Frenzy, Melee

Deluxe5100 Valorant PointsYesMay 10, 2022

New skin bundles usually come out in parallel with Valorant Patches, every two weeks.

All Valorant Battle Pass Skins in 2022

We also can't forget about the Battle Pass skins! Admittedly, you'll never see them in the Valorant Store offers, and if you didn't manage to get them during the Act, your only option to own them is to pick them up off the floor during the game. Still, we've got a total of 26 Battle Pass weapon skins so far in 2022, and some of them (like the Velocity Karambit) are some of the best in the game.

Skin LineWeaponsBattle Pass
HydrodipFrenzy, Judge, Guardian, BuckyEpisode 4 Act 1
SchemaVandal, Stinger, Odin, SheriffEpisode 4 Act 1
VelocityPhantom, Bulldog, Spectre, Shorty, MeleeEpisode 4 Act 1
Divine SwineAres, Frenzy, Judge, MarshalEpisode 4 Act 2
Lycan's BaneVandal, Odin, Stinger, GhostEpisode 4 Act 2
StrikerBulldog, Operator, Spectre, Classic, MeleeEpisode 4 Act 2
Coalition: CobraMarshal, Frenzy, Odin, JudgeEpisode 4 Act 3

Hue Shift

Bulldog, Shorty, Phantom, SpectreEpisode 4 Act 3

Bucky, Sheriff, Stinger, Vandal, Melee

Episode 4 Act 3

Valorant Battle Passes come out on average every 2 months with three new skin lines and always cost 1000 Valorant Points.