Tigris Bundle: Price, Skins, Event Pass & More

Year of the Ox's skins were... average, let's put it that way. And what did Riot prepare for Year of the Tiger? Check it out for yourself!
Luuuunar new year valorant
Lunar New Year is coming to Valorant! | © Riot Games

We all knew that we'd get some new content to the game for the Chinese New Year, although we hoped that for something a little better than last year. So, it looks like instead of a cheap skin line that no one will play, Riot decided to give us three things that the community will definitely not despise – a skin bundle, Night Market, and a free Event Pass.

Looks cool, huh? Let's get into the details!

Tigris Bundle: Weapon Skins & Price

Let's start with something we all knew was coming – the new skin line. Tigris bundle will contain non-upgradeable weapon skins for:

  • Phantom
  • Operator
  • Spectre
  • Shorty
  • Melee

Have a look at them all here:

As for every Premium collection, pricing for Tigris skins will look as follows:

Entire Bundle7100 VP
Gun Skins1775 VP each
Melee Skin3550 VP

Tigris Event Pass

Event passs rewards
Ok, that's some interesting spray | © Riot Games

We'll also get a free Event Pass, which will include some cosmetics related to the Chinese New Year. It will contain 7 rewards, and you can get them all by just grinding 63,000XP, which you have 15 days for.

1"Tiger" Title
2Lucky Tiger Spray
310 Radianite Points
4"Fortune" Title
5Happy Dumpling Gun Buddy
610 Rdianite Points
7Wishing You Happiness Player Card

Tigris Night Market

Night market valorant
Will Riot finally redesign Night Market? | © Riot Games

The image you see above has been spreading around social media for a few weeks and now makes a lot more sense. It looks like Night Market will be coming back to the game; the question is whether it will be in the same form as always? Let's be honest – Night Market has so much lost potential, it begs for a revamp. We even asked you about your feelings about the state of Night Market on our Discord some time ago, and here are the results:

Night market discord
Yeah, 1364 vs 76. | © Discord

Will Riot try something new to celebrate Lunar New Year? Well, we hope so. However, the most important thing is that the Night Market is coming back, and so we wish you the best of luck with your skins and discounts!

Tigris Bundle: Release Date

It seems that the Tigris Bundle will go live on February 1st (as this is when Lunar New Year starts), along with a minor balance patch. So, all these skins and features that we talked about here are actually coming to the game today! Chinese people usually celebrate the Lunar New Year for 15 days, so that's how long we expect you to be able to buy this new skin bundle and enjoy the free Event Pass and Night Market.