Team Ace Bundle: Price, Release Date & More

Okay, what's going on? We had the Glitchpop ripoff, then the Spline ripoff, and now the Valorant Go ripoff. Not that these skins are ugly, we like them, but it's a little weird at this point.
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Where's Sag... wait, never mind. | © Riot Games

Today (March 16), the Team Ace bundle replacing Gaia's Vengeance skins will arrive in your Valorant Store. It will probably be the kickoff of a new weapon skins series that will highlight Agent classes. It starts with Duelists, arguably the most popular class in the game. Here's everything we know about it!

Team Ace Bundle: Cosmetics

Team Ace bundle will include weapon skins (5), sprays (5), player cards (5), and a gun buddy (1). Interestingly, it will not include a Melee skin, which is actually understandable (Although hmm, Neon-themed lightning beam knife could be cool). Here are all the weapons included in the Team Ace bundle:

  • Operator
  • Vandal
  • Judge
  • Frenzy
  • Phantom

Team Ace Bundle: Price

Team Ace is a Deluxe tier bundle, so the pricing will look as follows:

Weapon Skin1275 VP
Gun Buddy

475 VP

Player Card

375 VP

Spray325 VP

The whole bundle costs 5616 Valorant Points, so you can save 4734 Valorant Points!

Team Ace Bundle: Release Date

Team ace poll
Seems like you guys don't really like it. | © Discord

You can expect the Team Ace bundle to replace Gaia's Vengeance on March 16 around 10:00 PM CEST and will be in our Valorant Store offers for the next two weeks. It's also worth mentioning that you don't have to wait for any client update this time, as there won't be another Patch until next week.

Will you be buying these skins? Make sure to let us know on our Discord and Twitter!