Valorant Sentinels Are Searching For A New Coach?

The Valorant pro team Sentinels are trying out new coaches. Let's take a look at what happened with the old coach and what can we expect from Sentinels.

Valorant Sentinels
Sentinels are in search of a new coach? | © Sentinels

The Valorant pro team Sentinels have been going hard at the 2022 VCT Qualifiers. Although they have earned their place for the VCT 2022, they're having a hard time choosing their coach. Going from one coach to the other, everyone's left to wonder: where are Sentinels headed next, and how will they resolve their issue with coaches?

Sentinels' Previous Coach: What Happened To Rawkus?

To understand the situation on what's happening with Sentinels, we'll first have to take a look at their previous coach. Shane "Rawkus" Flaherty was the previous coach of Sentinels, and although everything was going well, Rawkus wasn't a long-term solution because he is under contract with the FaZe organization.

Valorant Rawkus 2
Why did Rawkus leave Sentinels? | © Sentinels

Because of a legal contract between Rawkus and FaZe, Sentinels were forced to try and buy out Rawkus. They couldn't come to an agreement, leaving Sentinels with the only choice: to release Rawkus on the 26th of February. And let's be clear here: there is no bad blood between Rawkus and Sentinels. Rawkus gave an official statement on his Twitter account about the situation. He will continue for FaZe, but what will TenZ and Sentinels do about their current situation for a coach?

Sentinels New Coach Tryouts: iRemiix New Coach?

After Sentinel's departure with Rawkus, they are on the search for a new coach. They qualified for the playoffs, unlike 100 Thieves, so they need to act quickly. We know that Sentinels are actually trying out new coaches. They are practicing with the Overwatch player Luis “iRemiix” Galarza Figueroa at the moment. But nothing's for certain, since Sentinels haven't officially signed a new coach. They may even try practicing with other coaches soon!

I Remiix
Will iRemiix be the new coach of Sentinels? | © Blizzard

Everyone's excited about the playoffs which are set to begin on the 17th of March. But a coach is the central pillar of any good team, so let's hope Sentinels find a good one in time. How will they perform, what coach are they going to sign? Only time can tell!