Snoop Dogg Joins FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan has announced that one of the most popular rappers ever will be part of the streaming team: Snoop Dogg.

Snoop dog faze clan
Mr. Dogg can now add "FaZe Snoop" to his list of monikers. | © FaZe Clan

Snoop Dogg is now part of the FaZe Clan! The announcement was made via Twitter and YouTube with a super cool announcement video. But before we beat around the bush, you can watch the video for yourself:

FaZe Snoop Dogg Is Born

The trailer shows the rapper in an animated video streaming in the role of the dog, followed by iconic clips and songs of the artist. The trailer also shows a montage in which the rapper plays a series of games in the stream and meets the players of FaZe Clan. The trailer also confirms that Snoop Dogg will be streaming under the name FaZe Snoop.

Snoop Dogg is quite active on Twitch, where he has been streaming under the name Doggydogg20. According to rumors, the rapper will even join the FaZe board once FaZe Clan becomes a publicly traded company. In addition, a Snoop Dogg x FaZe merch line is said to be in the works in the future.

In a way, the Clan joining is not too much of a surprise. During the 2022 Super Bowl, Snoop Dogg appeared as part of FaZe Clan's cross-promotion with the NFL. FaZe members competed in a joint FaZe and NFL football game, with a donation going to Snoop's youth football league.

Regardless, it's a big win for the organization as it continues to build on its gaming and Esports culture. With a rapper like Snoop Dogg by their side, the org is sure to continue to grow and can now even present themselves with the face of this icon.