Modern Warfare 2 Will Take Franchise To New Level Of "Brutality"

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the 2022 CoD game, will be taking a more brutal and gritty approach to warfare than we've ever seen. Is this going to reach "No Russian" heights?

In the immortal words of Captain Price: "We get dirty and the world stays clean". That seemed to be all the moral justification we needed to carry us through Modern Warfare 2019's harrowing campaign. But Infinity Ward's writers will need to give us far more pithy lines like that, and some very credible villains indeed, to get us through MW2, which is reportedly taking the franchise to a whole new level of brutality.

Modern Warfare 2's "Brutality"

An Infinity Ward dev has reportedly shared details with a known-leaker about Modern Warfare 2's campaign, including previously unknown information about how gritty and brutal the campaign will be. The dev is quoted as saying, “The topic of ‘Modern Warfare’ isn’t something to play about with […] We’re ready to bear the brunt of what our Campaign intends to tell, though we’re pleased with its messages”. This was all shared in a recent tweet from RalphsValve:

Before you start to doubt Ralph, this guy has been proven correct on a number of topics and does indeed seem to have an internal contact working on MW2.

We'll let you know as soon as we get more details about the campaign, all we know for certain right now is that it's set in South America (Favela remaster incoming). Until then, why not enjoy some of Vanguard's new ranked mode, which has breathed new life into the stagnating title.