MW2 Already In Alpha: Gameplay & Graphics Leaked

Modern Warfare 2 is way ahead of schedule and is already in alpha. Insiders say it “looks incredible” and describe the gameplay as very similar to Modern Warfare 2019.

Call of duty modern warfare 2
The return to a modern setting will likely be popular. | © Activision Blizzard

We've been hearing positive news about Modern Warfare 2, the 2022 Call of Duty, for quite a few months now. But as we approach the expected date of the first official reveal, we're starting to get concrete information. And generally speaking, it looks like it should be a strong title for Call of Duty. We've got all the details beneath, including a recent leak about the game's current development state and gameplay.

Modern Warfare 2 Is Ahead Of Schedule

Modern Warfare 2 is already in alpha (February 2022 at the time of writing), which is quite far ahead of the usual Call of Duty schedule. The lead studio on MW2, Infinity Ward, are the largest of the Call of Duty studios, and are working alongside nine others in the game's production, so that somewhat explains how they've pulled this off.

A known leaker recently shared details of how the game looks and plays in its alpha state:

If the game looks incredible, then that's good news for everyone, but if it plays like MW2019, that will be divisive. The majority of fans seemed happy with MW2019, which introduced a new era of gameplay, colloquially called the “slidey CoDs”. But it also made changes that slowed down the gameplay and promoted passive play (most egregiously removing Ninja as a perk, and the addition of doors). This led to a divide, because some fans decry MW2019 as campy and less competitive. Although, this was clearly a minority opinion; hate or love it, MW2019 was a huge commercial success. If nothing else, we can expect a lot of attention to be back on Call of Duty this year.

When Will Modern Warfare 2 Be Released?

Modern Warfare 2 will most likely receive an October release window, which is earlier than usual, because it's ahead of schedule and Vanguard suffered poor sales. If they are able to deliver early, then perhaps they can shift resources into the next Warzone map, or perhaps giving us Ranked on launch.

The first reveals will almost certainly come in late June/early July, but until then, we should expect leaks that can confirm this hypothesis. We'll keep you updated as soon as we hear more, until then, you can enjoy the first large-scale map coming to Vanguard in Season 2.