Modern Warfare 2 Remaster: Top 5 Maps

Best Maps from MW2
Let the nostalgia wash over you. (Credit: Activision Blizzard)

We're so excited for Call of Duty's Modern Warfare 2 Remaster, expected later this year, and we're going to get the nostalgia train rolling with a reminder of the best maps from that masterpiece.

This was really hard to choose from, honestly, it's shocking to look back at how incredible the game was. Okay, so here are our top 5 maps we're excited to see in the MW2 Remaster, lets start at the top:


5. Highrise

Coming in hot, we open with Highrise. A fantastic map that focused on long sight lines between two buildings, allowing for intense firefights between multiple team members. This one required some serious gun skill and was fantastic for straight deathmatch modes.

Highrise MW2 Remaster
The heady-highs of those sweet killstreaks! (Credit: Activision Blizzard)

4. Favela

Favela was also the location of an incredible mission in the campaign, the mission that made everyone realize way back in 2009 that this game was going to be something truly special. As a multiplayer map, Favela relied on very tight angles and worked great in smaller player sizes. It was asymmetric to the extreme though, and very unique, so this one might be a little controversial.

Favela MW2 Remaster
Take that gunfight to the twisting alleys and corridors of Favela. (Credit: Activision Blizzard)

3. Estate

Up in the mountains, a luxurious estate is surrounded by advancing soldiers, from within - a team wait with bated breath around the bomb site. This map used the central location of the estate building to produce some outstanding objective-based games, with one team defending from various extravagant rooms while another had to push through the wilderness outside.

Estate MW2 Remaster
Sweeping each room of the Estate had everyone's blood pumping. (Credit: Activision Blizzard)

2. Terminal

I think everyone could have predicted that Terminal would make the list, for many it would probably be in first place (except those who hate snipers, but those who hate snipers probably hated MW2). Terminal revolved around a huge landing bay, where players could engage each other in long-distance firefights, and a wide flanking channel through the terminal itself. The flanking route was perfect to send a good third of the team down with assault rifles and submachine guns while the others tried to gain dominance on the tarmac. Watch out when trying to enter the airplane though - there is always, ALWAYS, someone waiting for a cheap kill in the luggage bay.

Terminal MW2 Remaster
Closing in on the very best of the best - it's Terminal. (Credit: Activision Blizzard)

1. Rust

One vs One bro - Snipers on Rust

This callout will be only too painfully familiar to anyone playing the game in that era. But, that shouldn't detract from the fun of Modern Warfare 2's most memorable map, and one I'm sure many will be desperately keen to play come the release of the Remaster. Rust is a small map with a single tower in the center, essentially you were fighting for the tower, hiding in a tunnel, or getting killed. And it was a lot more exhilarating than that sounds. It was also one of the very few maps small enough to effectively play split-screen on (remember the days of yore? ). Rust was hectic with twelve players, but such great fun. On this map, just make sure you keep an eye out for that one player in every game taking the Commando Perk with a Tac Knife, and you'll be alright!

Rust MW2 Remaster
It had to be, right? Iconic. (Credit: Activision Blizzard)

Well, there we are, our top 5 maps coming to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remaster. Nostalgia's a hell of a drug.

This is going to have people either raging at the list or remembering the good ol' days. We're excited to hear both, so get involved in the conversation on Facebook or Twitter, and sign up to EarlyGame for extensive coverage on the upcoming remaster.

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