Undercity Skin Bundle: Weapons, Price & More

Undercity skin bundle came to the Valorant store on February 17 and will be available until March 1, which is the day the launch day for Episode 4 Act 2. Let's check out all the essential information about it!

Undercity skins
Glitchpop 3.0 it is. | © Riot Games

Just a year ago (also in February), we got a revamped Glitchpop collection which was cool but was the community begging for a 3.0 version? Not necessarily, and this is what we got today; even the Melee skin is almost identical to previous Glitchpop collections! But well, if you are one of the enthusiasts of these types of skins, you definitely want to know as much as possible about them, so here is all the information you need about the new Undercity Bundle!

Undercity Discord
31 vs 330, yikes. | © Discord

Undercity Skin Bundle: All Weapons

The Undercity Skin Bundle includes skins for:

  • Phantom
  • Judge
  • Bulldog
  • Classic
  • Melee

All gun skins are non-upgradeable; however, you can upgrade Melee to a level 2 with 10 Radianite Points to dual-wield an axe and knife (*cough* to hold both Glitchpop knives *cough*). The bundle also contains an exclusive Undercity player card that costs 375 Valorant Points.

Undercity Skin Bundle: Price

Undercity skin line is a Premium-tiered collection, so all gun skins cost 1775 Valorant Points (~$23), with Melee costing 3550 Valorant Points (~$46). If you are interested in buying the whole bundle, it will cost you 7100 Valorant Points ($82), which means that you'd be saving as much as 3950 Valorant Points total.

Undercity Skin Bundle: Theory

Finally, a little theory about the character on the skin. Many people think that this mysterious character could be the new Agent or even the famous Agent 8. But would Riot really decide to show this long-awaited Agent 8 in such a way? We doubt it, but maybe you guys have something that confirms this theory – if so, let us know on our social media like Instagram or Twitter.