Protocol 781-A Skin Bundle: Weapons, Release Date, Price & More

The last ultra edition bundle was a Spectrum collection created in collaboration with Zedd, so the bar was set very high. Making another ultra bundle for which the community would be able to throw their wallet away was not an easy task, plus it had to match the marketing level of its predecessor. But well, it looks like Riot did it again.

Protocol 781 A 222
Protocol 781-A - where superior performance is a standard issue. | © Riot Games

We are only one week into 2022, and we already know it's going to be a really exciting year for Valorant. We are getting not only a new Agent, and a new Battle Pass, but also a brand-new weapon skin collection. And sure, it was obvious that something new would appear in the Valorant store; that's just how it goes every month. But what we didn't know is that the first skin line of the year will be classified as Ultra Edition, just like the Spectrum and Elderflame collections. Ladies and gentlemen, get yourself prepared for Protocol 781-A, where superior performance is a standard issue.

Protocol 781-A Bundle: Weapons

Protocol Skin Bundle
We personally like this design, but if you prefer a more colorful one, there's something for you as well | © Riot Games

The Protocol 781-A collection will include skins for:

  • Phantom
  • Spectre
  • Bulldog
  • Sheriff
  • Melee (Personal Administrative Melee Unit)

All these weapon skins will be upgradeable and come in four variants:

  • Default (Black/Red)
  • Variant 1 (White/Pink)
  • Variant 2 (Red/Blue)
  • Variant 3 (Green, similar to the one from the Recon bundle)

Upgrading to a different variant will cost you 15 Radianite Points. Apart from weapon skins, the Protocol 781-A bundle will also include a spray, gun buddy, and player card; however, note that you need to purchase an entire bundle to get these cosmetics.

Check out all weapons and variants from the Protocol 781-A bundle here:

Protocol 781-A Bundle: Upgrades

Protocol Finisher
Protocol 781-A finisher in action | © Riot Games

Besides each weapon coming in three different variants, you will be able to upgrade them with some additional VFX. As usual, the upgrade rules are different for standard guns and Melee. Each level upgrade will cost you 10 Radianite Points.

Protocol 781-A Weapon Upgrades

You can level up your Protocol 781-A weapons up to five times.

  • Level 1 - New weapon model and a special ADS crosshair
  • Level 2 - Special gunshot sound
  • Level 3 - Additional VFX when aiming, reloading, and inspecting
  • Level 4 - Finisher and kill banner
  • Level 5 - Special weapon voice line

And yes, with a level 5 upgrade you basically make your weapon talk to you in various situations in the game. We've never seen anything like that, so we can't wait to try it out in our matches!

Protocol 781-A Melee Upgrades

As for the Melee, you can only level it up to three times. Those are pretty much the same upgrades as for the standard weapons; you just don't get a finisher and a gunshot sound, but why would you need that on your knife, right?

  • Level 1 - New weapon model
  • Level 2 - Additional VFX when attacking and inspecting
  • Level 3 - Special voice line

Protocol 781-A Price & Release Date

Protocol Player Card
Protocol 781-A Player Card art| © Riot Games

Protocol 781-A collection be available in the Valorant Store on January 11, right before the new Episode release. The entire bundle will cost 9900 Valorant Points, while the individual weapon skin prices will be at 2675 Valorant Points (except for the Melee, which will cost 5350 Valorant Points).

  • Looking to get some crispy headshots with your new Protocol 781-A Sheriff? Here's something for you: