New Agent Fade Valorant: Appearance and Abilities Leaked

Riot Games have been breached, with numerous leaks coming out about the upcoming agent. From her name to her looks, let's take a look at everything we know about the new Valorant agent!
Our new agent! | © Riot Games

All players are excited about the new upcoming agent in Valorant. The tension built with tons of teasers from Riot Games and a great number of leaks from outside sources, it looks like the new agent will be a banger! So let's go ahead and look at what we know about the new agent Fade!

New Agent Fade Abilities Valorant

The new agent Fade will be an Initiator. Her abilities are focused on gathering information about the enemy team all while stalking them with fear. Take a look at Fade's abilities for yourself:

Valorant Fade Abilities
Fade, our favorite stalker! | © Riot Games

Fade's abilities will basically stalk the enemies. They add a new debuff TRAIL, which can be combined with other abilities to trace back the enemy and add more debuffs such as NEARSIGHT, which is basically Paranoia from Spike Rush. But we got even more interesting news about the new agent: what Fade will look like!

New Agent Fade Appearance Valorant

Although we got teasers in the form of some of our agent's biggest fears, the biggest shock we received was the new agent's appearance. Fade is an agent coming from Turkey, and her looks are just plain scary!

From the Fade abilities leak, we can conclude this is the actual upcoming agent's appearance because of the matching accessories she wears on her hands. Her glare is scary enough, so when can we expect to see the new agent in the game?

New Agent Fade Release Date Valorant

We can expect the release date for the new Valorant agent Fade to be in Episode 4 Act 3, which is supposed to come out on April 26th. But if you can't wait until then for Fade gameplay, no worries! Some streamers and players will be given access to the new agent gameplay. And we'll get official gameplay and a cinematic after the finals for VCT Masters Reykjavik.

Are you ready for the new agent? If you are a beginner, though, you should definitely check out these agents before trying to play Fade. Though, when the agent officially is released, you should visit our Discord Server to find a duo to grind with Fade!