Leak: New Weapons Coming To Apex Legends

A recent Apex Legends leak has revealed the new, unreleased weapons that we could be seeing in the game very soon.
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What weapons are unreleased in Apex Legends? | © Electronic Arts

Look, there are a lot of weapons in Apex Legends, and I really do mean a lot. It can be rather overwhelming as a newcomer who's launching into the game for the very first time. To make matters worse, the developers are dedicated to bringing even more weapons into the game. These ones do, admittedly, look pretty darn cool though.

What are we talking about, though? Well, in the wake of nine new legends being revealed for Apex Legends in a giant data leak on Tuesday, a collection of unreleased guns have appeared online. Assumedly to be available across all of Apex's various game modes, these weapons not only look cool, but might even tempt us to dip into the game's over-priced item store to get ourselves some of those delicious, delicious skins.

Now, this leak looks darn legit, but we're not entirely sure what we're looking at. We have some weapon names, and we have a whole lot of footage, but we don't know a couple of very important things: are they going to be introduced soon, or are they previously unreleased weapons that were never meant for our eyes? Let's just get on with things, shall we?

New Weapons Leaked for Apex Legends

Various unreleased weapons have made their way onto Reddit in a series of high-profile leaks. We need to remember that none of this information is verified, but the footage circling the web certainly looks legit, and moreover, darn cool if you ask us.

Some of these five weapons look pretty fabulous. Respawn certainly seem to have been busy, and we imagine that these weapons (if legit) will probably start dropping with the Season 13. That means a bit of a wait for these bad-boys, but there's nothing wrong with a little bit of patience, is there?

Here's the darn footage, gosh:

Upcoming Weapons. Nemesis (Energy and Assault) looks next as it has an in-game model the rest do not. Based on video Scorpion (Bow), Maelstrom (Light and LMG), Fanatic (Energy and Akimbo? Pistol), Gemini (Energy and SMG). from ApexUncovered

The first LMG may have been recycled into the Havoc long time ago, since it's the same reload animation. The second one may already be the Devotion. The third one's a new one and looks FUN as hell! Then I guess we'll get P2020 Akimbos that you can charge up like the Halo Plasma Pistol (Pretty sure it does more damage to shield). And the last one is actually just the R-99 with energy Ammo.

What are the New Unreleased Weapons in Apex Legends?

There are five weapons that have been revealed in this latest leak, and they honestly all look pretty darn cool. Here are the ones we know about so far:

Weapon NameWeapon Type


Assault Rifle

So, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it: all the currently known unreleased weapons in Apex Legends, according to the latest leak. These are unverified, so please keep that in mind before you take the dive. There's a lot to be aware of and a lot to be careful about when it comes to leaks of this kind, but if these are the bad-boys we can expect from Season 13, we'll be dancing for days!