New Weapons & Ground Loot In Apex Legends Season 13

Apex Legends gets a ton of new content each season, and this also includes weapons. Here is the next weapon coming to Apex Legends, as well as the balancing nerfs, and changes to ground loot expected in the new season.

New Weapons Apex Legends
Bangalore, take your pick. | © EA

Apex Legends has a ton of interesting new content coming down the pipeline, from new skins and Heirlooms, to the return of some great locations on King's Canyon. But, this being a shooter, there is always going to be one part of the new content that gets us particularly excited: the guns. So, what can we expect in the new season? What new guns will we get? And what about balance changes? You can find everything we know so far about the new Apex Legends weapons beneath.

Apex Legends Season 13: New Weapon

The new weapon coming in Season 13 is an energy weapon called Nemesis, and it looks incredibly similar to the Havoc. Well, it looks like the Havoc aesthetically, performance wise, it looks stronger. Here's a clip of the weapon that one kind user leaked to Reddit:

Upcoming Weapons. Nemesis (Energy and Assault) looks next as it has an in-game model the rest do not. Based on video Scorpion (Bow), Maelstrom (Light and LMG), Fanatic (Energy and Akimbo? Pistol), Gemini (Energy and SMG). from ApexUncovered

Of course, the weapon could change dramatically before launch. And because it's an energy weapon, there's bound to be some nonsense mechanic that makes the weapon more annoying than standard heavy or light weapons.

Apex Legends Season 13: New Ground Loot

The only change to ground loot in Season 13 that we are aware of so far, is that the Spitfire will be moving from a care-package item to standard ground loot. Now, this does of course also mean that they will give it a little nerf around the edges, because in its current state, it would probably be far too imbalanced, and shoot to the top of S-Tier in the complete weapon ranking.

Apex Legends Season 13: Weapon Balancing Changes

There is one change that can be seen in the reveal trailer for Season 13, it looks like the Select-Fire hop-up for the Prowler is returning. This is a gold hop-up that would allow the user to switch from burst fire to fully automatic, and it has already been in the game but was removed for being overpowered many seasons ago. This would be great for the Prowler, which has about as a good a pick-rate as Rampart, but we can't be certain of this change yet.

In the reveal trailer for Season 13, it looks like we can see the Prowler firing full-auto, but this might have been an oversight on the part of the animators, who simply wanted to make a cool video. We can't be certain that it really is the return of the Select-Fire hop up yet, but we will update you as soon as we hear something official from Respawn.

Apex Legends Season 13: New Weapon Upgrade Stations

Okay, this is pretty cool. The reveal trailer for Season 13 showed off a new mechanic in the game that will allow players to effectively "buy" weapons and upgrades of their choice from certain bunkers. But when you choose to buy a weapon or get a weapon upgraded, you will have to fight the new robotic NPCs, Specters. You can think of this as the "cost" of the weapon. If you only want to get an Alternator and upgrade it with gray attachments, then you might only have to fight 3 Spectres, but if you want an R-301 with all purple attachments you will have to fight far more Spectres.

Here's the moment in the trailer where this was revealed:

As you can see, Bangalore runs inside one of these new bunkers and grabs a weapon before Newcastle can stop her. Then Spectres appear, and the two are forced to fight, but watch the computer in the background, which seems to be controlling all of this. This controller will probably be intractable in the same way the buy menu is in Arenas.

And that's all we know so far about the weapons arriving in the new season, until then, you've got just long enough to try and break into Master. Good luck! And if you need a hand...