New Apex Legend Leaked: Vantage - The Sniper | Abilities, Lore & Release Date

The latest Apex leaks are suggesting that the next Legend will be a sniper. Allow us to introduce Vantage, and all of her abilities.
Apex Legend leak Vantage
We're as shocked as you are Horizon! | © EA & Apex Collection on YouTube

In March 2022, a huge dump of Apex leaks were revealed to the world. We heard about new heirlooms, new maps, new modes, and most excitingly: new Legends. Nine in total, and one of them, Newcastle, turned out to be the Season 13 release.

According to a recent video by Apex content creator Apex Collection, our next Legend from this revealed list will be Vantage. But who is Vantage, and what can she do?

Who Is Vantage?

We don't know who Vantage is yet, or really anything about her lore. From the character design I would assume she's going for the whole frontiersman/tribal thing like Bloodhound, and her kit suggests she was a hunter outside the games. But as we said, the only details that have leaked are about her abilities and her mechanics, not her lore.

New Apex Legend Vantage: Abilities

Everything we know about Vantage so far comes from a leaker and YouTube content creator called Apex Collection, so take these details with a grain of salt.

What Is Vantage's Tactical: Echo Launch

This is basically a crossover between Newcastle's remote control drone, and Loba's Jump Drive. The Echo Launch is a remote controlled bird that you can release and then order to move to certain positions, on your command you can teleport to your bird's current location.

Fantastic, who doesn't love a bit of extra mobility. Every top-tier Legend has something in their arsenal for movement, and this is a particularly good one because you have so much control over it. It doesn't have the best range, but it looks like enough to get you out of most situations.

What Is Vantage's Passive: Sniper Kit

When you're unarmed or using a sniper scope, and you hold your crosshair over enemies, you reveal their health and shield percentages. It might reveal even more info on launch, but that's all we can confirm so far.

This certainly won't be the strongest passive in the game, not by a long shot, but it definitely isn't useless. Perhaps in deciding whether to push or not, the Sniper Kit will prove valuable. But Vantage will be picked more for her tactical than anything else, probably.

What Is Vantage's Ultimate: Mark To Kill

This gives you a custom rifle, similar to Rampart's Ult. The rifle's optic scans enemies, and on those targets, it allows Vantage to do double damage, while even her teammates get a bonus 15% when hitting the scanned enemies.

This sounds really fun, and potentially really strong. But we saw how lackluster Rampart turned out to be with a special weapon for an Ult, so let's not get ahead of ourselves until we see it in action.

That's all we know about Vantage for now. She sounds pretty great, doesn't she? But she won't be an easy Legend to use. If you're just getting started in the game, maybe you want to keep your eyes on the best beginner Legends instead.